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A Summer in Psalms

Hey you! Lovely one…

I am so happy you are on this journey with me. I am excited to share this summer with you as we travel through the book of Psalms. I am praying this is a much needed exhale for you and that you will create pockets of time each day to pull in close and sit with our heavenly Father during this study.

The book of Psalms is rich with emotion (and I mean your favorite cheesecake kind of rich). These songs, prayers, and laments are exquisite! Truly! They are the cries from broken hearts, the whispers of peace, the begging of those in need, and the songs of worship from hearts bursting with praise… These are our emotions, and in the psalms we see ourselves.

What do you need for this study? Well,  consider the following…

  • A Bible ūüďĖ- whatever translation is your favorite (I use ESV and NIV predominantly, but I pull in the Message when I need a little devotional thought.) We will talk about Bible translations later this summer. Consider a study Bible  or Download a Bible app on your phone… something with a variety of translations AND the AUDIO option!!! Listening to the psalms may be your best way to find time to study Scripture. Uhhh… Audible has become my new best friend, but I still want  paper pages in my hands. ‚̧ԳŹ
  • A Journal  ūüďď- I write… therefore, I think everyone in the universe should write. BUT seriously, consider using a journal/composition book/notebook. My journal becomes a big part of my dialog with Jesus throughout my Bible studies. I write out my prayers, verses that stand out to me, verses I want to memorize and my notes/thoughts  about what a passage means.
  • Pens, lots of marvelous pens or pencils… I write in my Bible as well as in my journal. ‚úćÔłŹ
  • TIME… ‚Źį set aside pockets of time  during your week, daily if possible. Create the habit of a daily quiet time. The summer is a great time to start!

Our Summer Reading Schedule

Below you will find a schedule for the chapters we will focus on each week. Again, this is a summer study, and you have the luxury of taking it slower.

May 27th – June 2nd –  Chapters 1 – 14

June 3rd – June 9th –   Chapters 15 -24

June 10th – June 16th –  Chapters 25 – 36

June 17th – June 23rd – Chapters 37 – 48

June 24th – June 30th – Chapters 49 – 58

July 1st – July 7th –  Chapters 59 – 70

July 8th – July 14th – Chapters 71 – 82

July 15th – July 21st –  Chapters 83 – 95

July 22nd – July 28th –  Chapters 96 – 106

July 29th – August 4th – Chapters 107 – 118

August 5th – August 11th – Chapters 119 – 134  — My personal favorites:119 and the Psalms of Ascent (120 – 134)

August 12th – August 19th Chapters 135 – 150

Summering in Psalms – F.A.T. Girls Style

Beginning Monday, May 27th, join us as we spend our summer in the book of Psalms.

Why in the world should you spend your summer reading ¬†Psalms with us? Well…

Music and poetry often seem to be the only way to express the wide gamut of emotions we all experience throughout our lives. Happiness, anxiety, frustration, despair, peacefulness, joy and anger are difficult to script because our human emotions are complicated. The book of Psalms speaks  to this part of our human experience through the poetic expressions of people who offered their feelings and their circumstances to God.

My hope and prayer is that we will use this season to exhale… to pull in close to the Father, to see beautiful glimpses of Jesus in these Old Testament songs and prayers, to inhale the wondrous realization of His love, His mercy, and His grace.

Did you know…?

The one hundred fifty psalms in this Old Testament book provide poetic expressions of praise, worship and confession.  Jewish tradition ascribes David as the author of 73 psalms, Asaph 12 psalms, the sons of Korah 9 psalms, Solomon 2 psalms, Herman (with the sons of Korah), Ethan, and Moses each wrote 1, and 51 psalms are anonymous. The time span over which the psalms were written is vast beginning about the time of Moses (around 1440 B.C.) and ending with the Babylonian captivity which was 586 B.C.

Join us!


National Go Barefoot Day



Oh Sweet Friendlies…

Today is National Go Barefoot Day as well as National Nail Polish Day! Be still my summer-lovin’ ¬†heart!

Nothing ignites this fabulous season like naked tootsies and a fresh pedicure.

I shout…”Welcome SUMMER!”

I am a long-time barefoot diva. My memories of childhood summers rarely included shoes and never socks. Stubbed and splintered, but rarely discouraged, my toes marked those long hot days of summers past.

“A long far ago…” (as my younger Josh would have whispered), before the days of posted signs on business windows reminding patrons of their “No shoes, no service” policy, I wandered far and free from the worries of shoes…

Yes, sometimes bloody, often bruised, occasionally blistered, ¬†and once or twice broken, these toes have traveled…naked and free. I have sweet memories of the hot pavement outside the library in heady contrast to its cool tiled floors. Wandering barefoot, searching shelves for books during those warm humid afternoons.

Have. Mercy. Yes!

What is it about going barefoot that speaks to our inner child? Freedom, a sense of the carefree… I am not sure. It’s soul-filling though. It. Just. Is.


photo 2-1.jpg

I am a little embarrassed to admit I apparently have taken A LOT of pictures of my own feet…Not sure what this means. I sincerely hope this does not speak of a deeper psychological issue…but it may…oops.

However, I do consider my feet (as well as my shoulders and my eyes) to be part of my more attractive physical attributes.

Just being honest, I have cute toes…sorry.

One should always maximize one’s personal strengths. That’s just how my mind works. Welcome…

My well-proportioned size 11s are part of my firm foundation and my wide stance on this Philippians 4:8 journey of mine. I do not apologize for such. My God was good to me…I just have great tootsie genes.

Rarely a fashionista of footwear, I go for comfort…always.

Bless. My. Heart. And. My. Tootsies.

Sassy and sexy shoes are not part of my wardrobe. I believe this is why being barefoot is my shoe of choice.

What about you?

Are you a timid tenderfoot…


Are you bodacious in your ¬†“barefooted-ness?”

Come on…walk on the WILD side today.




Happy National Go Barefoot Day!


My Summer Something List

summer something list

My summer is half over…heavy sigh.

And before I know it, it will be August. Then school begins. I know for a fact, I’ll look back over the past two months and wonder why I didn’t get more accomplished. ¬†Well, this year I decided to write down a set goals ¬†for my summer 16’…

My “Summer Something List” goes “something” like this:

  • Playing ¬†with a precious a granddaughter and loving ¬†on her sweet mommy and daddy for two weeks…THIS… Bubbles, play dough, sidewalk chalk, swimmies, the aquarium, library story time…¬†Did I mention that we are just a tab bit excited about their two week visit?!

  • Spending time with my feet in the sand while beaching like a whale…Yes…Hallelujah!

    Salt water and sand for my soul. Hopefully we will throw in some fish or shrimp tacos.

    Tacos make me very happy! VERY…



  • ¬†Read…read…read… I set a ¬†goal of 20 books for the summer with at least 6 nonfiction titles in this mix.

    Honey, I am struggling with this one. I currently have 3 books going. At. The. Same. Time… Just call me Ms. Distraction. I am not spending the time with my nose in a novel like I usually do, ¬†and this is making my reaching my reading goal tough.

  • Write…Write and write a little more. I had hoped to write a little each day, but again, the distractions are dragging me in and under.

  • Nap. Each. Day…Hallelujah! Yes! Because I can…¬†Soul care, people!

    Nothing distracts me from napping, people. NOTHING. This is happening!

  • ¬†Prepare one new dish each week…I am in a food slump. I am looking for healthy, EASY dishes. Stay tuned…I will share.

    Moment of transparency…I have already failed miserably at this one. ¬†Maybe I need to should try to actually cook one meal at home each week. That might be a far ¬†more realistic goal.

    Sad, isn’t it?¬†

  • We are definitely trying at least ¬†4 new restaurants this summer. ¬†We are already half to meeting this goal with two new eateries down.

    This one is big, folks, ¬†because my sweet man isn’t always the most receptive to new or different…anything. Love him, but just being honest. I can’t wait to share ¬†about these experiences. ¬†Trying new restaurants is always an adventure for us because we ¬†are going to research that place to death before showing up on the doorstep. Research and read reviews…because…um…my hubby. Thank you…

    (Since I am not hitting the goal of the preparing the new food each week, I think this goal is something I can definitely put my heart and energy into…Feeling hopeful here, peeps! )

  • Ease back into walking again especially in the mornings. ¬†With my physical therapy nearing completion, my activity level should increase gradually.

    I purchased an exercise ball…and¬†ya’ll this deserves its own post. I have no words currently for the antics of trying to work with this massive silver orb in the hopes of strengthening my core and back… Honestly, the ball deserves its own haiku…Watch for future poetry posts regarding the ball.¬†

  • Paint my master bedroom and bath. The calm color has been chosen. This one is a “hope to,” but not a “have to,” and this one is going to be a team effort. Hubby has promised to help. ¬†Apparently, he is just as sick of the current mint green color on the walls as I am. Painting with ¬†Bear, whose middle name is “Perfection,” should be good for laughs or the lunatic asylum. Either way, it screams of humorous possibilities.

  • ¬†____________ This is my freebie! I want to add a new “something” to my summer. I don’t even know what this is going to be. I am open and willing for a sweet new adventure, or at least something new and fun.¬†


Things removed from my list:

  • Skydiving for my 53rd birthday…Yeah. Doctor threw this one out…Go figure. Bad back…

  • Rollercoasters…not happening either. ¬†Uhh… bad back…Thank you, again.

  • Starting a new flower bed…???

    Who am I kidding? This one¬†wasn’t even realistic. Truthfully, me gardening is a little cruel to the plants who deserve so much better. ¬†I lack the ability to keep green things alive long.

    Please do not ask me to care for your plants if you are traveling. You have been warned.


What are  some of your Summer 16 goals?

Be honest…how realistic are they?

Which ones have  you actually achieved?

And which ones have you tossed in the pond of “No Way, Jose?”


Just curious…





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