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National Go Barefoot Day



Oh Sweet Friendlies…

Today is National Go Barefoot Day as well as National Nail Polish Day! Be still my summer-lovin’  heart!

Nothing ignites this fabulous season like naked tootsies and a fresh pedicure.

I shout…”Welcome SUMMER!”

I am a long-time barefoot diva. My memories of childhood summers rarely included shoes and never socks. Stubbed and splintered, but rarely discouraged, my toes marked those long hot days of summers past.

“A long far ago…” (as my younger Josh would have whispered), before the days of posted signs on business windows reminding patrons of their “No shoes, no service” policy, I wandered far and free from the worries of shoes…

Yes, sometimes bloody, often bruised, occasionally blistered,  and once or twice broken, these toes have traveled…naked and free. I have sweet memories of the hot pavement outside the library in heady contrast to its cool tiled floors. Wandering barefoot, searching shelves for books during those warm humid afternoons.

Have. Mercy. Yes!

What is it about going barefoot that speaks to our inner child? Freedom, a sense of the carefree… I am not sure. It’s soul-filling though. It. Just. Is.


photo 2-1.jpg

I am a little embarrassed to admit I apparently have taken A LOT of pictures of my own feet…Not sure what this means. I sincerely hope this does not speak of a deeper psychological issue…but it may…oops.

However, I do consider my feet (as well as my shoulders and my eyes) to be part of my more attractive physical attributes.

Just being honest, I have cute toes…sorry.

One should always maximize one’s personal strengths. That’s just how my mind works. Welcome…

My well-proportioned size 11s are part of my firm foundation and my wide stance on this Philippians 4:8 journey of mine. I do not apologize for such. My God was good to me…I just have great tootsie genes.

Rarely a fashionista of footwear, I go for comfort…always.

Bless. My. Heart. And. My. Tootsies.

Sassy and sexy shoes are not part of my wardrobe. I believe this is why being barefoot is my shoe of choice.

What about you?

Are you a timid tenderfoot…


Are you bodacious in your  “barefooted-ness?”

Come on…walk on the WILD side today.




Happy National Go Barefoot Day!


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