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Celeste the Blue, faithful friend has squeaked her last conversation with her furry companion. Hershey, our lab, has loved this blue dragon. Now  Celeste  is silent, and Hershey wonders why.

Worn, tattered, and well-loved…

There is something beautiful about loving a toy to pieces. It’s an ode to the Velveteen Rabbit really.

In life, the worn, well-loved, and tattered are precious. I have a sweet attraction to them, more so now. In this season, I find beauty in things graced by age. Old books hold great charm. Well-loved items are reminders that things as well as people have stories.

Dear Younger Me… pay attention to the old things. New is not always better. Listen to the stories…They are important.

Write 31 Days

Day 7

Autumnal Bliss

It’s late Tuesday afternoon,

But it feels like Saturday from my back porch.

“Oh Fall, you are my favorite!”

Fall foods are comfort to this pajama and sweatshirt girl. Everything about it whispers, “Come in and get comfy, ya’ll.”



The weather today has been spectacular. Really.

 High 70s…breezy…

In the South, we call this Autumnal Bliss! Pure and simple.

I get the biggest kick out of afternoons like this and the fact that I can enjoy them.

You see, the luxury of this moment…this afternoon… is not lost on me. I don’t want to miss a single opportunity to soak up fall days.

Afternoons like these make me want to cook pots of soup and bake bread. I feel somewhere between domestic goddess and Betty Crocker. It’s crazy how a slight change in weather can render me Little-Miss-Better-Homes-and-Gardens.  Thankfully the feeling doesn’t last long…

Tonight we are enjoying leftovers because it’s too early to leave the porch and cook.  I want to hang out here until darkness and mosquitos drive me inside.

Fabulous at 50 means I grab afternoons like this. It means I take the time to sit on my back porch, feel the breeze on my face and watch Hershey, our chocolate lab, chase leaves.

So today, October 4th,  I am writing from the back porch…because I can.

Join me.

Do the fabulous thing…

Take the time…make the time.

I hope you live in a place  where fall is bodacious and wild with color.

May you dance in a leaf shower and  enjoy a gentle breeze tangled in chimes…

And I hope you  even feel inclined to cook or bake. Bless your heart!

Happy fall ya’ll.

(Write 31 DaysDay 4)



No Whining Zone


Whining is annoying…

and in my fifties, I have developed a zero tolerance for it.

I hope this doesn’t mean I am growing  hard or crusty. I want to be tender. I want to be sympathetic…



I know…we all have our moments. Life is hard,  and we need to vent at times.

I vent in a journal with pen in hand. I vent in my prayers to the only One who truly cares or can do anything to help.

Often I need to put my frustration in words, organizing my thoughts. A wordy  brain and heart leak can be very therapeutic and productive… if I don’t sit in it.

On the other side of this, we all know those soldier-souls who keep marching through the cold hard situations life unleashes on  them…and they never whine…they never complain.

However, some people are chronic whiners. Some personalities are just prone to complain and feel sorry for themselves.

Some generalizations regarding whiners:

  1. In truth, most of us are  complainers at some point. We have our moments when we just need to be heard. Whiners do not have moments. They have seasons…long. seasons.

  2. Whiners usually want someone  to do something for them. For some it may simply be the need to be heard in the midst of their frustration. For others, they need something they do not have but feel they deserve. They want someone to do or get something for them. Some people just want others to feel sorry for them…to give them the attention they crave.

  3. Chronic whiners are usually self-centered.

  4. Whiners are rarely problem solvers or deep thinkers.  Surface issues or inconveniences leave them emotionally stranded.

  5. Whiners are light drainers, meaning they can suck the light and joy out of most situations. Debbie and Doug Downer are the people you do not want to invite to your party.

  6. Whiners attract other whiners. They feed off of the negative. They preach gloom and doom. They seek to instill fear and dread.

  7. Whiners often avoid hard work. They seem to wear a “can’t do” attitude.

  8. Most of us avoid whiners if at all possible.

If you are a whiner,

stop. it.

Ask yourself if you complain more than you encourage.

Ask yourself if people avoid you or conversations with you.

Ask yourself if your conversations with people are self-centered and focus on your pitiful life… (That was harsh. Sorry…not really  .)

Now that I have finished typing this post…

it sounds kind of whiny…

I guess I’m kind of whiny about whiners…

Day 3– 

Write 31 Days


Lisa Whittle… I Want God

Some books can be life changing and hard and wonderful and yet leave you poured out on the floor in a big goopy mess. 

And…this was that book for me. 

I started this book a couple of months ago, and it was during a searching season. I would pick it up and put it down.

At the beginning of the summer, I buried myself in this book…reading, journaling, and praying. The book is underlined, highlighted, dog-eared, and tear-stained.   

 Revival is personal, and Lisa Whittle’s book I Want God was a match to the dry tinder of my heart and life. This book hits deep despite its short length. Lisa gets inside your head and heart. The Lord used her words to speak some hard truth in my life of complacency and ritual. 
I loved the questions and inventory at the end of the chapters. The book would be FABULOUS for a small intimate group of women to work through. If you are seeking revival…a reset with God, prayerfully consider this book as a tool.

My Brother’s Crown

Historical fiction is a strong pull for me, and when it whispers a promise of a series, I’m hooked. Mindy Starns Clark and Elizabeth Gould have done just this with their Cousins of the Dove series. They have me hooked.

 I just finished their book,  My Brother’s Crown, and it was fascinating!  I finished this book while sitting on the beach, and in truth, I was in a book stupor for a day after, anxious for more knowledge on the next chapter in the lives of this family and these characters. 

 My Brother’s Crown weaves ribbons of historical with contemporary Christian fiction, and these authors do it beautifully. The story deals with a family journal and a printed document dating back to the period of the late 1600’s and the Heugonot persecution in France. It was a dangerous time to be Protestant in faith and oppose the Catholic Church and the crown of King Louis. Modern day dealings with the ancient document and the breaking of the code within it draws both stories together. This is the first book in the Cousins of the Dove series, and it promises to be a series worth reading every page…every word. 

The second book, My Sister’s Prayer,  is due to be released September 1st. 

Counted With the Stars and More

I am a true fan of good biblical fiction because good biblical fiction drives me back to Scripture. This book did just that. I found myself following Egyptian slave, Kiya’s life through the pages of the book of Exodus, as well as the work of fiction. Connilyn Cossette does a beautiful job of drawing her readers into the story, into the fear of the unknown lurking in the minds and hearts of the Egyptians as they suffered through the plagues and the exodus of the Hebrews under the leadership of their all powerful Yahweh and his servant Moses. It was interesting to watch this story unfold in the life of a young Egyptian woman when as Christian I have always considered this story from the Hebrew point of view. Truly a unique perspective. I look forward to reading the other books in Cossette’s Out From Egypt series as they are released. Thrilled for this book debut from this talented Christian fiction author.

I received this book free from the author in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Within the Veil



            Brandy Vallance’s new book, Within the Veil, is a delicious form of summer escape. Set during the Victorian era in 1885, Brandy leads her readers on an exciting journey across untamed Scotland through the lives of Alasdair and Feya.

            The worlds of Alasdair Cairncross and Feya Broon could not be more different. Feya is an impoverished Scot-half Gypsy whose devotion to her siblings drives her to take a dangerous risk to provide the food and shelter their widowed drunkard father does not. Alasdair is a royal palace guard with a promising career and a wealthy socialite fiancé. Desperate ill-fated choices land Feya in Alasdair’s custody and on her way to prison. But their journey becomes a fight for survival. Alasdair’s father has questionable political goals that prove to be dangerous for his son and Feya who find themselves at the mercy of each other and kidnapped by people who have revenge at heart.

            Alasdair’s and Feya’s are opposites in every sense of the word and it is their clashing backgrounds which provide the grand dramatic fodder in their story as they become tangled in their society’s misconceptions and mistreatment of the gypsies in Victorian Scotland. By the way…this little historical ribbon was fascinating.

            In truth, I was not ready to say goodbye to Alasdair and Feya. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed two characters this much. The ribbon of God’s faithfulness was delicately woven throughout the pages of their experiences. All of it. Splendid. Simply. Splendid…

            I will read this again…But first I must read Brandy’s first novel, The Covered Deep. I enjoyed Brandy’s writing style tremendously and I look forward to reading her future works as well.

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