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Hurt Toe Haiku

Midnight bathroom jaunt

Dark corner death trap for toe

Bruised looks good on me.

Collision course YELP!
A silent house no longer
No one sleeps tonight.

Strategic ice pack

Why yes, please, and three Advil

With chamomile tea.

The  Perils of a Puppy Pedicure, Hershey Style

Hershey Writes Haiku 

Waiting room at vet

A smorgasbord of  dog-ness

Adrenaline high


Grumpy canines here

No one wants to be my friend 

In spite of my love.


Momma wrestles me

Gives Heart-felt apologies 

To canines and peeps


A wild furry child

Grinding nails makes me feisty

I deserve big treats. 



Drained and in need of Cheetos

Mommy and I nap.


Hershey Writes Haiku at 2 a.m.


(The results of an over-stimulated brain colliding with physical exhaustion. Embracing my weirdness.)


More than a cute face.

Poetic paw. Doggy thoughts.

Renaissance Canine.


Puddle on the floor.
Why must you always assume
It belongs to me?


Spinning round and round.
Illusive but enticing.
Chasing my own tail


Running and sliding
No traction. Hitting the wall.
I hate wooden floors.


Orange smiles. Cheesey.

They treat me when I potty.
My goldfish crackers.


Grey cat on my porch.
The bane of my existence.
Storm door keeps me in.

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