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My Philippians 4:8 Christmas – Part 1… The Game Plan

I struggle with Christmas more each year.

Shopping verses the idea and the act of gift giving.  The push and pulls of the world battle against my increasing desire to really live a Philippians 4:8 life…

I have realized, though,  that there are basically two types of people during the holidays…
Nativity ornament made in Bethlehem

Nativity ornament made in Bethlehem

Those who shop on Black Friday and those who do not…(smile)

I am of the “do-nots” clan.

I have tried it a couple of times with a good friend, and I decided that I enjoyed the time with my friend far more than I enjoyed the shopping itself. Therefore, I could avoid the impatient, grumbly  throngs of shoppers and opt to have dinner out with my friend at another point in the holiday season.

Problem solved!

On the morning after Thanksgiving, the allure of a great cup of coffee, my pajamas and a Hallmark Christmas movie is far too intoxicating to break.  I would much rather sit in the comfort of my home and shop online never having to engage in the  massive unforgiving crowds, long lines,  and the  parking lot grid lock of malls and shopping centers.

Don’t get me wrong…


BUT…nothing expresses the joy of holiday shopping more that the words…


When I shop at Christmas, whether it be online or in a store…I have a game plan.

Specific stores…specific items…or at least an idea or theme for a gift… This process starts earlier in the fall by asking simple questions such as…

Who is this person to me? Relationship? Close friend, family member, co-worker…

What do I know personally about this person? Their likes and dislikes…their needs…

How can I help them?

There are always the gifts that Bear and I purchase for those in need during the holiday season as well…We call them Angel Tree gifts.

If I can find that something specific for the someone specific on sale…great!

But if not, so be it. When shopping for  gifts, the cost was calculated in with the planning.

“My Game Plan” helps me focus on what Christmas is really about…

Giving…not fretting

Drawing nearer to Jesus…because we were made to see his glory and savor it, delight in it, treasure it…(John Piper)

I am completely over and beyond the idea of making Christmas about the things I buy for people…the stress of the “PERFECT” gift…creating the “PERFECT” moment…

There has been only ONE perfect gift…and His name is Jesus.

“Whatever is true…noble…right…pure….excellent…praiseworthy…”

Do people see glimpses of Jesus’ love and your  love for them in the gifts you give?

Does your gift reflect your heart for the one receiving the gift?

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