About Us…




A follower of Christ, wife, mom, grand-mommy, and teacher… this walking exclamation mark wears many hats and a couple of scarves too!

Reading, writing, doodling, and  traveling are among some of my favorite things. Dark chocolate, Cheetos,  and jazz can make any chaotic day seem a little less daunting. A true lover of early mornings, I rise about 4:00 a.m. each day.

2011-06-17 08.31.39

About two and half years ago…,

the unexpected gift of a trip to Israel changed my life in ways I never believed possible. After returning from Israel, the Lord rattled my complacent spirit and breathed a fresh desire into my waiting heart to know Him bone marrow deep.

I returned to school to seek a seminary degree. In July of 2013, I completed my Masters of Christian Ministry . My trip to Israel and my Masters, have remained daily reminders of God’s grace because there was nothing I did or could ever do to merit the love He has lavished on my life. The gifts and the givers  humble me beyond words. The fact that the Lord would use others and their obedience to Him to bless me is more than I will ever comprehend. EVER.


my darling hubby  and I miss those hectic years of raising boys; however, we enjoy this season of our lives. It’s quieter in some respects, and yet, we run and work with gusto. We are tremendously proud of our unique young men and the leaders that they have become. We adore our precious daughter in love and the artist she is. “Grand-parenthood” is new and somewhat alien for us because we spoil and love long distance.

Oh the sweetness of a GRAND…Heavy Sigh!
I am the Grand-Sugar to a princess!


Although I would love to serve on the foreign mission field, the Lord has made it very clear that my mission field is my classroom and the families of my students. Teaching is my ministry, and I love my school and its families. Each day I serve my students and their families while continuing to grow in His Word and experience His daily presence. I am overwhelmed by His constant faithfulness.

He never ceases to amaze this crazy God-girl who loves Him with everything in her.


My Bear

img_3314-1For a lifetime, Bear  has been my sweet partner, my best friend, and my Prince Charming.

The man is a saint, I tell you! The Lord knew this crazy woman would need this quiet man to settle her and add rhythm to the rambunctious melody of her life.

Empty nesters…Yep! That’s us! We enjoy the mountains and the beach, and we choose to “play” and “go” over housework, home repair, and yard work any day!

Roller coaster enthusiasts, the bigger it is, the faster it flies, and the higher it drops….the happier we are! My next feat is sky diving! Trying to convince Bear to join me…

I choose Bear and my family….any day.

Oldest Man-Cub and Our Daughter in Love



Our oldest son and our amazingly talented daughter in love live in  South Korea where they are serving the Lord. I am fiercely proud of them and the life they live for Christ!

Our Princess




The much-anticipated arrival of our little princess changed our hearts forever. Goosh-faced pretty much describes our feelings about this sweet bundle. Face Time is a marvelous thing for these two long-distance grands and their sweet little grand-darling across the ocean.

Youngest Man-Cub



Our youngest son is a recent college grad, charming, hard-working, athletic, competitive, and just down right adorable. Always amazing, he is truly a Renaissance man with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is a web and app developer, and my go-to computer dude! Love this guy to the moon and back!


Hershey Kiss



Meet our newest addition and most recent cause for a plea of insanity…She is precocious and crazy adorable, which is a very good thing for her. Chewing, nipping, and far too curious for her own safety and ours…she has turned our sedate lives up side down. AND WE LOVE HER! She will prove great writing fodder I believe…

In Remembrance of our Bo

Bo...the Wonder Lab

Bo…the Wonder Lab

This was our Bo Blessing….our furry baby and the world’s most brilliant yellow lab! Spoiled beyond belief, Bo had his humans well-trained and maintained complete run of this  household. He loved Gold Fish crackers, graham crackers, and pizza crusts. His pathological fear of baths, thunder storms, and insects always provided great writing fodder. He had a couple of nasty encounters with fuzzy caterpillars, bumble bees and yellow jackets, which rendered him a lover of indoors. Pitiful really…but we loved him so. Our Bo died in May of 2014, and we miss him terribly. It’s so hard to let go…


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