December 23rd – Luke 2:1-5



The Christmas Journey

Today people around us are preparing for Christmas travels. Maybe some have already reached their destinations. Some may be loading precious cargo and journeying today.
As I write this, my babies are traveling. One son is driving with his family to Tennessee, and one son is flying home from Colorado. Packing began yesterday… preparations long before that.
I recently read that the Christmas story is a destination story.
I don’t know that I had thought about that before, but it is.
Advent season is a journey.
The story of Christmas is about a journey, a two-fold journey.
Yes, it’s the story of Joseph and Mary making their way to Bethlehem, a hard journey filled with the discomfort of late pregnancy and anxiety about an unknown future. A journey they made out of civil obedience, anticipation growing with each passing mile.
More importantly, Christmas is the destination story of Jesus Christ, Immanuel…God With Us.
It’s the story of the willingness of the One who was God Almighty to leave the splendor of heaven, to take on human frailty with all of its limitations and endure the realities of living in a horribly broken world.
A journey He made out of love… a consuming…ridiculously magnificent perfect love.
This Advent season we have journeyed together through Old Testament passages. The road over the last month has been bumpy and hard for so many.
Although I pray our final destinations are the same, our journeys are not over with the dawning of Christmas day. We each continue on our own narrow rocky path, but what we have shared over the past days and weeks hopefully makes us stronger as we continue on toward our sweet destination.
Jesus made earth his final destination so that our final destination would be with him in the most wonderful place forever and ever.
Lord Jesus,
Thank you. Thank you for leaving what was your right, to guarantee for me a place that is NOT my right but a gift from your precious hands.
“Be near me Lord Jesus, I ask thee to stay
Close by me forever and love me, I pray.
Bless all the dear children in thy tender care
And take us for Heaven to live with thee there.”

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