December 21 – Luke 1:26-38












Photo by Chaz McGregor.

When Holy Shatters the Ordinary

“How can this be?”

Her soft words were spoken amidst a tsunami of emotions. Confusion, fear…

The ordinariness of her day was shattered by the arrival of an angel. He broke into her day, changing the character of not just that moment but her life…of every life. The lives of everyone who came and the ones that would come after were changed in that one moment.

That holy moment of angelic tidings…


That moment of ancient promise fulfilled…


Mary’s life would not be ordinary anymore.

“How can this be?” Though she had never been with a man, she would conceive and give birth to a baby in a way no other woman had or has since.


There would be ordinary moments, but those moments were pierced with the knowledge that her son Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God Most High.


This Jesus… He is the One whose name “is above every other name,” and one day, “at the name of Jesus every knee will bow in heaven and on earth and under earth – and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:9-11)


This Jesus came into the womb of a young girl taking on flesh and living among us, to save us before we even knew we needed saving.


He has come and will come again to save us, once for all, by His work on the cross. By His spirit, He is near, and one day He will return shattering all heartache and brokenness, making all things new.


He knows…

our brokenness, our sin, and our fickle hearts.


And yet He chose to come and live among us because He loves us.


Even in our sin and our filth, Jesus loved, pursued, and saved us for the joy set before Him.


It wasn’t just the angel who broke through the ordinary with a holy visit; it was God Himself shattering the common, infusing all of history with His very presence – His redemptive love…


If we know this and believe this then…


Every moment is pierced with Jesus, and


Nothing is ordinary anymore.


Most High God,

You have done this marvelous thing. You entered into history as a human and redeemed me as your own. You have shattered all that this world has to offer with the offering of you, of salvation. Tender my days with the knowledge that my moments are holy.

Help me to use my moments for your glory…

No, Father, nothing is ordinary anymore.




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