December 19th – Luke 1:5-25

Photo by Mostafa Meraji.

The Question of Silence

This particular passage of Scripture provided interesting discussion last week.
You see, my heart is tender to Zechariah. He doesn’t outright reject the angel’s message, after all. He doesn’t laugh the way Sarah does when she overhears that she will bear a son in her old age (Genesis 18:12). He just asks how he can be sure the angel is telling the truth.
It’s a fair question. Bear in mind, there  had been 400 years of silence…
The promise made by the angel would fulfill the deepest desire of Zechariah’s heart… To him, the message was too good to be true. The hope of joy was too painful to let in.
What Zechariah knew of God’s character, even as a priest, was not enough to convince him.
I am guilty…
Are we not tempted to question whether God’s promises line up more with HIS character or OUR circumstances?
If God’s promise depends on His faithfulness alone, then Zechariah and Elizabeth are on the brink of a wild kind of hope and joy that will shatter their imaginations.
What is the difference between believing that God’s promise depends on us or on Him? My fragile fickle faith or His goodness, His faithfulness, His proven character?
The temptation of crippling fear or the thrill of hope in the face of uncertainty?
The punishment for Zechariah’s unbelief/his questioning was muteness, and yet, God still showed His power in him as well as in Elizabeth.
And maybe…just maybe… what we consider a punishment God used as a gift… Maybe the season of quiet was a time to dwell of the goodness of God… to ponder His character…
Our doubt cannot stop God from being good to us, and it definitely WILL NOT thwart His perfect plans.

That is the kind of God my God is…

Even John the Baptist questioned if Jesus was the Messiah, (Luke 7:19) and Jesus honored his question. He reminded John that in order to determine truth he needed to look at the fulfilled prophecies which pointed to God’s character, rather than focusing on his current circumstances.
Bless precious Elizabeth… In contrast to Zechariah, she responded to this beautifully impossible news with a heart bursting with gratitude…
Whether we respond as Elizabeth or as Zechariah, our God keeps His promises. Even when we are too overwhelmed by our circumstances to believe… He keeps His promises.
Know Him… Know His unwavering character…
This Advent, God offers JOY to us…Hope has come…
Salvation is here!
In our silence and waiting, God is birthing joy…eternally…in us.
Bring Him your questions. Carve out time and space to ponder His goodness and His character.
Thank you! In the midst of my doubts and fragile faith, You are mighty. Speak… I am listening. Help me to quiet my buzzing thoughts and the chaos of my days. What do you want me to hear today? Tender my heart to You…

One thought on “December 19th – Luke 1:5-25

  1. Jacquie A. Bradford December 19, 2019 at 3:31 pm Reply

    This is great encouragement, and I appreciate your perspective from Zechariah’s point of view. Blessings!

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