December 18th – Micah 5:1-5


Our Source of Peace

The book of Micah was probably written around 703 B.C. which was just before the Assyrian invasion of Judah. The reigning leader was King Zedekiah who was the last of the kings in David’s line to sit on the throne in Jerusalem.
In this passage, Micah tells the people that the next Davidic king would be the Messiah who would establish a kingdom that would never end.
Sadly, Jerusalem’s wealth and power-obsessed rulers could not believe that their mighty city and their way of life would be destroyed by an enemy nation. Neither their king, nor their military could save them.


But Bethlehem…

This tiny town, which is about 5 miles south of Jerusalem, would be the birthplace of the only ruler who could truly save the people. Their deliverer, the Messiah, would be born there and eventually reign as the eternal King.


Chapter 5 provides one of the clearest Old Testament prophecies of Jesus Christ’s coming. Micah 5:5 describes Him as our ” source of peace.” Because of His first coming, we have the opportunity to experience peace with God with no more fear of judgement and no more conflict or guilt.
Christ’s peace gives us assurance even though wars will continue. His reign of peace is not just for His future kingdom, it is peace for the here-and-now in the lives of those who follow Him.
Before He was arrested and crucified, in His last teaching moments with the disciples, Jesus promised them peace, not as the world offers it, but as only He can give.
Their spirits could rest and enjoy sweet fellowship with God, which would then create ripple effects in their relationships with the world around them (John 14:27).
We live in the present reality of the Kingdom of God pushing back the kingdom of darkness. The peace of Jesus acts in direct opposition to the anxiety and worry of this world. As believers, we can rest in the knowledge that Jesus, our Prince of Peace, is making all things right.
We can participate with Him in bringing peace to a broken and sin-sick world as we anticipate a future kingdom of peace.

Lord Jesus,

One day… one day

Your reign will restore peace to our broken world. But in my “here and now,” I need you to fill me with Your peace, and help me to bring peace in my daily walk among my circle of influence.

Where there is worry, bring reassurance of Your provision.

Where there is strife, bring to my mind Your precious humility.

Where there is bickering, bring to my heart Your love.

Be my peace…


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