December 13th – Esther 4


I love to see strong women in stories. I want my students to know about marvelously courageous and yet tender heroines, and Queen Esther is definitely one.
We also see that Esther’s obedience is a picture of what Jesus would be and do; however, He would accomplish something much greater.
Esther was showing us, long before the Gospels were written, that one person’s sacrifice and courage could save millions.
She gave up her life for a place, a palace, that was not her home.
Jesus gave up heaven for a broken place full of broken people who needed Him.
Esther risked her life to save the people of Israel from physical death.
Jesus gave His life to save us all from eternal death.
Jesus accomplished the true and eternal rescue…❤️❤️❤️

“You can hear the resolve in Esther’s voice: “If I die, I die.” She’s not resigning herself to her fate; she’s facing it head on.

She has just learned from her cousin Mordecai that Haman is more than scheming to kill the Jewish people. Haman has convinced the king to issue a decree that authorizes the governors to kill all Jews, young and old, women and children, in one day.

When Esther hears of the decree, she evaluates the situation. She remembers the fate of Vashti, another headstrong queen. Is it worth it to visit the king, uninvited, to see if she can do something about the decree?

Esther would be risking her life to appear before King Ahasuerus. The rule is that if anyone enters the king’s inner court without being called, that person will be put to death. And Esther knows it. Since entering the king’s harem, she has lost virtually all of her agency. Her life is not in her hands.

And maybe that’s the whole point: her life belongs to the Lord. Maybe that’s what finally persuades her to risk death and go before the king.

Esther’s life belongs to one who likewise gave himself up to save his people. Jesus did more than risk death. He actually died. By virtue of our baptisms, we have, too, which frees us to take risks the way Esther did. We can look past our own security and make sacrifices for others. The risks we take may very well bring life for other people.”


Jesus Christ, you willingly went to the cross so that I could live. In baptism, I have died, too, so I no longer have to fear death. Help me take risks, whether big or small, for the sake of other people. Amen.”
Today’s devotion by Grace Claus

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