December 11th – 1 Kings 6:1-38


Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

The Temple – Part 2



First let me say, the tabernacle and the temple reveal God’s desire for relationship with His people.

Understanding how central these buildings were to Old Testament worship and New Testament symbolism, understanding the roles they played, understanding the way they were made, their function to Old Testament worship, and seeing the differences between them SHEDS light on so much of our Christian faith.


We better understand who we are when we understand these structures.

Consider that even before the tabernacle, there was the Garden of Eden, which in itself was a type of temple. God’s presence filled the Garden… He walked there with Adam and Eve.

The function of a sanctuary or temple is God dwelling among His people.

There are incredible differences between the portable tabernacle God initiated with Moses and the building of Solomon’s Temple and later Herod’s Temple.

One startling difference I had not realized until recently was that God was not involved in the temple, per say. He does not initiate the construction of the temple, give any input, or oversee the construction.

Instead of being dominated by God and His verbal directions (as was in the building of the tabernacle with Moses) , the temple construction story is dominated by King Solomon and 2 Canaanites for Tyre.

After completion, we see God still comes to dwell within it, but in a less significant way than in the tabernacle. After a few hundred years, Solomon’s temple is destroyed by Israel’s armies.
Interestingly enough, the second temple, Herod’s Temple is eventually built, and while it becomes one of the wonders of the ancient world, it is never God’s dwelling place in the same way as the first temple and the tabernacle before it.

We see the weight of Scripture shifts in New Testament to Christ as the ultimate fulfillment of the many promises that God will dwell with man … relationship

Today, we as believers, are called God’s temple. Consider the fact that if we are Christians and have accepted Jesus Christ by faith, the same holy, awesome, powerful King of the universe that resided in the Garden of Eden, the Holy of Holies in the tabernacle and Solomon’s Temple… NOW resides right inside of us.

This can only happen because Jesus has made us holy… because of what Jesus has done…

A baby in a manger… Emmanuel… God with us…

It is too much for my feeble human brain and heart to understand. Your Word is perfect! Your plan is perfect! You are perfect! You desire relationship with me…
Thank you for being the temple. the place where I can meet with God. I don’t have to travel miles to some specific location where God dwells. By your Holy Spirit, I am connected with God as I am connected with you. Remind me of your presence today. OVERWHELM ME, with your presence…
I adore you.

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