December 9th – 2 Samuel 5:1-5

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Shepherd – King

I know I live in unicorn land with cotton candy clouds and dreams of a perfect world. My idea of the perfect politicians and leaders are those marvelously servant minded, honest, humble Jimmy Stewart characters I have loved in the old Hollywood movies…
I want a “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” kind of politician and leader to serve and guide the people.

So when I look at this passage of Scripture in 2 Samuel in light of our recent 1 & 2 Samuel study, I know David…

I know his humanly imperfect heart, and I know His God.

King and shepherd seem to be polar opposites, don’t they?

Kings are regal, sit on thrones, live in wealth, and rule people with calculated agendas. They hobnob with important people.
Shepherds are humble. They are often dirty. They spend their day caring for their flock outside in the elements. They are cautious and patient people who have very small circles of influence.
When we look at the person of David, we see aspects of both shepherd and king. God chose him to shepherd His people. Honestly maybe shepherds would make better kings.

Maybe we need someone who cares more about his people, his flock, than wealth and power.

David carried his shepherding spirit into his role as king.

Was he perfect? Heavens no…

BUT One would come who would be the perfect Shepherd and King. In John 10, Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd, the one who knows his sheep and lays down his life for them. He is also king, the one who victoriously defeats the powers of sin, death, and evil.
Crown of thorns, robed in majesty…

King Jesus,

I praise you for you are both mighty and meek, self-sacrificing and victorious, and You rule over all! I praise your shepherd’s heart. Please bring a spirit of gentleness and self-sacrifice to the hearts of our political leaders in our country.


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