December 8th – 1 Samuel 16:1-15


Photo by Pro Church Media.

The Unlikely King

Let’s be honest. We all love a great “underdog” story.

The beautiful thing about the family line of Jesus is it’s filled with underdogs, unlikely heroes, a sprinkling obedient humble people, a handful of rebels, and a few reprobates…

David was an unlikely pick as Israel’s king. Baby of the family and shepherd boy…
AND yet… God shattered the expectations of whiny Israel and chose this keeper of sheep and farm boy to lead His wayward, fickle people.
Have you noticed that God has a habit of subverting the world’s expectations?
Not only did He choose an unlikely boy as king, He chose to bless the world through a
tiny group of people who were often bullied by other nations.
And when it came to saving His people and expressing His love for the entire world, He would come in human flesh as a member of that underdog nation.
What in the world!? Right?
It even sounds incredible as I type this. I am daily reminded He works in ways that are so
outside the norm…


The knowledge that God would be born as a baby, vulnerable and unknown in humble surroundings…
  • That He would do the physical labor of a tradesman… not an aspiring political leader…
  • That He would submit himself to the humiliation and physical agony of death on a cross at the hands of a corrupt and powerful empire…
It’s simply unbelievable… according to the world’s standard that is.
BUT we serve a God who is outside the box… who is a pursuer of the underdog, lover of the lowly, rescuer of the weak and broken…

He is a redeemer…

God has shown His love for the whole world in Jesus, descendent of David, Jesse, Obed, and our unlike hero Boaz who was the redeemer of Ruth.

Jesus is the One True King of all people.

The greatest shattering of expectations is that God makes himself the underdog and conquers sin and death.


You constantly amaze me, and you exquisitely shatter my expectations. Your birth, life and death teach me humility and self-sacrifice. Thank you… Amen.

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