December 7th – Ruth 1:15-4:12

T he Kinsman Redeemer

The Kinsman Redeemer

Yes… I know. This is a long passage today, but it is incredibly rich. The book of Ruth is short, but its narrative. You can read it in one sitting and have no difficulty in understanding its text.
It’s a love story… and it’s a part of God’s love story to us.
Today as you read, take notice of several things.
  • The story takes place in Bethlehem. Interesting, yes?
  • Ruth was a widow.
  • Ruth was a Moabite… an outsider to the Jewish people.
  • Ruth was obedient to her mother-in-law, Naomi. She trusted her and was bold enough to follow through in her pursuit of Boaz.
  • Boaz was of the tribe of Judah. He was the great grandfather of King David and of the lineage of Jesus. He was a wealthy farmer.
Most of the time, the focus of the book Ruth seems to sit with Ruth and her uncommon devotion to Naomi, but today we are going to shift our focus to Boaz.
Boaz is known as the kinsman redeemer. Under Israelite law, there was a special provision for widows with no sons. The brother or the next closest male family member could take the widow as his wife, redeem  her late husband’s land, and  provide her with a son to carry on the family name. Without a kinsman redeemer, the widow would be left with nothing and the family would cease to exist.
Boaz was a relative of Naomi’s husband, and he had the power to redeem Ruth, the land, and father a child to carry on the family name.
Boaz was the proverbial knight on the white horse who rushes in to save the day. Unlikely hero, we see through the book of Ruth, his intimate care, his faithfulness, his compassion. Boaz not only did what was right, but he did it right away.
Boaz was a christ-type. Notice the little “c.”
He was a picture of Jesus, but Jesus would be better. Jesus would be the true Kinsman Redeemer. By virtue of his humanity, He is our brother, our kinsman, and He is willing to be our bridegroom in order to redeem us.
Jesus faithfully stepped up to save us, to join Himself to us even though we have nothing to offer him. We are a broken, poor, and sinful people, and yet, He made us His own.
Girls, that is seriously the BEST news you will EVER hear!


How precious are you! How amazing that you would join yourself to me, consider me your kinsman and family member. You so graciously paid the price with your own life to redeem me when I had nothing to offer in return other than my fickle heart and my broken promises. I give you my life…


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