December 6th: Joshua 2:1-21

Illustration by Elaine Davis

My dearest Rahab,

You are my unlikely hero…
Your faithfulness and your willingness to walk an unknown path humbles me.
I know you primarily by your sin… but you met the one true God during a tender time in history. You had heard the stories of the Hebrew God and His mighty deeds on behalf of His people.
These Yahweh people were coming with their God to take control of your people and land. You heard their fearful words as they were whispered in the streets. Panic was growing…
But a different kind of fear was taking root in your heart. You wanted to know this God who fought His people’s battles, who parted seas, who defeated alien armies. This God was different.
You risked everything to hide the Hebrew spies. In a culture of faithlessness, you dared to meet their faithful, holy God head-on and follow Him.
What a bold act!
You stepped out alone and followed on nothing but faith.
You found a place in a family line that leads to my Jesus.
You were just one of five women named in a male-dominated lineage.


Just as shocking, you were named in spite of the fact that you were a gentile and definitely outside the family tree.
AND … and … you were a prostitute…
A beautifully broken rebellious line of humanity leading to a beautifully perfect Savior…
Our God is SO GOOD!
Sometimes, like Rahab, we must walk the road alone, stepping out on nothing but faith and a holy fear of the God who rescues His people.

Hey Sisters!!! Be bold. Follow hard.

Your grace overwhelms me. You could care less about my pedigree. You are willing to overlook my sin as you graft me into your family and your story. Help me be faithful like Rahab in my generation. Empower me to do the work you have called me to do among my people.


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