Day 7 – The Test


Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

Genesis 22:1-14

This is one of the hardest stories in the Bible for me to read. I can’t even imagine the heartache Abraham must have experienced when God told him He would require Isaac’s life as a sacrifice, a burnt offering.

The horror of it is beyond my imagination… This was his child…his boy.

BUT… out of obedience…Abraham set about to do just that.

It wasn’t just obedience though. Abraham KNEW God. He knew Him to be faithful, sovereign, and a keeper of His promises.

God would NEVER break His promise…never.

I want to know my promise-keeping God that well…

The promise hinged on Isaac. Future generations would depend upon Abraham’s descendants.  Abraham knew that if God was requiring this of him, He would provide a way.

Can you even imagine that hike up the mountain for Abraham?

Even when it seemed hopeless, God made a way…

God came through and provided a ram as a substitute for the sacrifice. He kept His promise.

Centuries later, God provided a different Lamb as a sacrifice. Like Abraham, God was willing to sacrifice his Son, but in this case, there was no ram to take His place. This time the Lamb was His Son, too.

It’s that Lamb, the One who offered himself on our behalf and who rose again to new life, that we await this Advent.
Remember, it’s not just the excitement for the baby who comes at Christmas. It’s about the longing for His coming AGAIN.
When it seems that life in this present world is overwhelming with evil, hatred and heartache…

When it is hard to imagine joy and peace…

When it feels as if there is no way for good to triumph…

We wait.

We wait for Jesus to come in glory.

We wait…knowing our God keeps His promise to set things right.


It is so difficult to trust that you’ll keep your promise when life seems so out of whack. Give me the courage to wait for your provision. Guard my heart in that waiting process. I praise You because you keep your promises. You are faithful.



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