Day 6: Promises of Stars – Genesis 15:1-6


God had promised to make Abram a great nation…

But time was passing, and he and Sarai remained childless. Perhaps God had another plan?
God confirmed to Abram he would indeed have a son to carry on the promise He had made.
God promised him descendants like the stars in the sky…too numerous to count.
Just when Abram was despairing, God confirmed his promise of descendants far beyond Abram’s imagination.
The magnificent thing about this promise is that those descendants aren’t limited to the blood relatives of Abraham.
The reason his descendants would be as numerous as the stars is that we are among them too.
In Christ, we were grafted into the family tree (Romans 11:17).
We are among those stars…
This is our story too, made possible by our promise-keeping God.

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, thank you for grafting me into your family tree. Thank you for the knowledge that I am among those stars too numerous to imagine, and for inviting me into the covenant promise. May I reflect the family name well by your power. Amen…

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