Day 3 – Jesus, Present in the Beginning

Genesis 1:26-31

I love seeing Jesus in the Old Testament…


I especially love knowing He was in the creation story as the second person of the Trinity, the Word who was with God in the beginning, through whom all things were created. Thank you John 1.

That person, Jesus Christ, may not be present in his human flesh in the creation story; however, He is certainly there.

When God formed man from the dust of the ground, He had another human in mind – Jesus Christ – who IS the image of God.

In bearing God’s image as humans, we must also know that Christ IS God’s very image.

The next time you hear that it’s our ability to think, create, or relate to others that makes us image-bearers, consider also that it might simply Jesus in us that makes us image-bearers. The perfect human, Jesus Christ, the One who was there from the beginning, the One who constantly intercedes for us…it is He who is the true image of God.

Through Christ, we brightly reveal God’s image.


Thank you for being the image of God.

May our deepest desire and dearest delight be to reflect You. Remake us. Rewire our hearts this Advent… Thank you for revealing your goodness to us in our moments and in our days. Shine your goodness through us as image bearers.


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