Day 2 – Habakkuk 2:1-4

Today’s Advent lesson hits this momma hard…

I have looked forward to Thanksgiving for several months now because all of my babies would be under my roof… at my table… in my arms…

This only happens about once a year… Hasn’t happened since last Christmas…

AND THEN… a snowstorm hits Denver and much of Colorado, and flights are being cancelled.

I will not lie. Last night my heart was sinking fast…

AND THEN… Habakkuk 2:1-4.

Wait. Have faith… in His plans and purposes.

It’s hard, y’all. REAL HARD.

But, I trust Him. The LORD knows this momma’s heart…



Day 2 – Habakkuk 2:1-4

Background: Habakkuk was a prophet during the last days of the Assyrian Empire and the beginning of Babylonia’s world rulership. Violence, wickedness, and injustice were rampant and seemingly unchecked. It was during these dark days Habakkuk cried out to the LORD for divine intervention.God answered Habakkuk that He would send judgement, not only for the Chaldeans but to the people of Judah.

(Bible Nerd Girl Fact: The term Chaldeans often refers to Babylonians in general, but normally it refers to a specific semi-nomadic tribe that lived in the southern part of Babylon.)

Habakkuk questioned God’s response to his prayer. In Habakkuk’s mind, the growing problem was not whether God would respond to the growing evil, but would God vindicate His own character and His covenant with His people?

It’s a solid question for us. Do we care more about how the evil around us is impacting us or the attack of God’s character by the wicked in our world today? Hmmm…

Habakkuk 2:4 is the core of God’s message to the prophet, “The righteous shall live by his faith.”

We need to remain strong and faithful as we walk through heartache and hardships.This faith is not just in isolated situations, but it is habitually persevering in faith. It is a way of life. Day in. Day out. Unwavering faith.This is a waiting and watching kind of faith.

Habakkuk compares himself to a watchman on a watchtower. He is prepared to wait for God’s answer and ponder God’s reply (2:1).

Are we? How well do we wait for God’s response in our own lives?

God responded to Habakkuk by telling him to write down the vision He would give as a reminder that the judgement would definitely come. He also told Habakkuk that the proud who trust in themselves fail, but the just live by their faith in Him.

Oh wait patiently, sweet ones…

Even when we don’t understand why things are happening as they are, wait…Hold on.

God is directing things according to His plans and purposes.

Our job is to stand at our watchpost and proclaim Him boldly. Let’s encourage each other to do the same… when the days are hard and dark… when we want to give up.

This Advent, we watch, we wait, we proclaim, and we encourage…

The King IS coming…


You have called me to wait patiently and to grow in my faith. You want me to proclaim your promise and your plan to the people in my life, just as Habakkuk did. Would your Holy Spirit enable me to do just that with great love, boldness, and conviction?

Oh please do…


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