Flirty Bodacious October



From my porch, October is feeling very flirty. She is in full color,  and  the late afternoon sun reflecting off her leaves is nothing short of magnificent. Hershey pounces across the yard, loving the leaf  cover and the crunch under her paws.

Late afternoon in my yard is an autumn  symphony. The chatter of  yard birds, the gentle rattle  of the wind tangling in stubborn leaves, and the giggles and shouts from the children next door…
There is peace in my little corner of the world…

and I hang on to each second of it.  Moments like this evaporate before my eyes…

Sweet Bear has strung white twinkle lights on the porch, and they cast a whimsical glow.

In a manner of minutes, autumn’s  symphony has changed key. Crickets and frogs now carry the tenor and bass line melody. Late shade swallows  up sunset. October dons dusk like a favorite bulky sweater.

Fall is my glory! October and November are my old favorite friends, and they seem to dash  by me in a blur.

In my fabulous fifties, I am learning…

learning to stop for life…

There is a snarky stack of ungraded paper waiting for me…but I am learning to put on brakes.

Braking  for quiet…braking  for seasons of change…

By the way…I voted today.

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