An Education During This Election-Yuck!



Holy Moly, people… I have read every blog article on her Living Proof website and followed every tweet Beth Moore and her daughters have written for a while now. She never says that she is pro-HC…BUT…

My greater concern goes far beyond this firestorm during this sorry excuse for an election. It goes to a much deeper issue. It addresses how many people (impressionable immature Christians and so-called mature believers) are willing to take a stance on an issue based upon the opinion of a popular “Christian speaker/writer” and not on their time in scripture and prayer. So many that I have “liked or followed” on social media and have read their books are throwing stumbling blocks and stirring division within the body of Christ in the name of their “social conscious or their social gospel.” I am done with them as a whole. I can’t promote their books any longer. I don’t know that I can promote books as a whole any longer…

My heart breaks every time I read or hear someone say, “well, Beth Moore said…” or “well, Jen Hatmaker said…”

Ok… Brother or Sister in Christ…what about, “well, Jesus said…” What about, “God’s Word says…” 1 Cor. 8:9, 13…Rom. 14:13.

All Christian leaders must remember that God has placed them in positions of leadership and authority. THEIR WORDS MATTER. It seems as if truly their “opinions” matter far more than they should!

I have a long history with Beth Moore, her podcasts, her writing, her conferences. Almost 20 years… I know her background. I really believe her initial response to Trump’s comments was issued from a place of love for other victims of sexual abuse…I get that. Bless. Her. Bless. Them.

I am waiting for a strong Christian woman’s voice to take a stand on abortion, which for so many is a pivotal issue in this election. The lack thereof concerns me greatly. Some godly woman’s voice needs to be heard in this matter as well. Hundreds of thousands of young women who have shattered hearts and lives over the issue of abortion need support too. The abortion platform … the matter of murdering the unborn, is of great importance to God, I can assure you. Just as the sacrifice of children was in OT times in the worship of other gods such as Baal.

… this whole issue of “judging” is a slippery slope in the church… As believers we are supposed to hold each other accountable…in love, with immeasurable grace, and great mercy. BUT we ARE to hold each other accountable.

The Lord has used this whole election mess to remind me…to teach me… that I am not here to follow some speaker or writer or self – inflated theologian. I am here to seek Him personally, to bring glory to Him and Him alone. Matt. 12:36…

James 3:1 ” Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers (sisters) for you know that we who teach (lead) will be judged with greater strictness.”
Yikes… I want to be a Barnabas… an encourager… I want to be salt and light. My political opinions and preferences do not matter. I need to LOVE beyond opposing viewpoints and hold fast to God’s Word. I make my choices from a biblical worldview.

And yes, MY God is bigger than this mess, but guess what? This “mess” matters to Him because it matters to His children. We as a people deserve the horrible “mess ” we are in… we brought it on ourselves.

God, Have mercy on us.

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