Chin Up, Buttercup

So… The. Unexpected. Happens.

My day takes a different turn. Nothing earth-shattering. Just inconvenient.

After my earlier post this week, I dare not sit in my pity puddle. I am convicted by my stance on whining.

And may I say that I hate it when that happens.

What do I do?

My “younger me” flailed, pouted,  and dare I even say, whined. Shocker.

My circumstances defined my moments. I hate to admit that.

But in this season of my life,  I am greatly encouraged by the fact that my circumstances do not take my God by surprise. I am able to rest in His care in the midst of the  moment far more often than I did in the past. I still have my pity party moments…sometimes…

Again, what do I do?

In this 50ish learning curve, I …

Take a deep breath. Square my  shoulders.

Whisper my prayer… or shout it…depending on where I am…and the circumstance.

Keep moving.

Chin up, Buttercup. 

Flexibility is important. BUT… Prayer is CRUCIAL. My focus shifts when my chin lifts in prayer.

“Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.” Psalm 105:4

P.S. Need I mention again, my earlier post on whining convicted me. Geez…

Write 31 Days

Day 6 

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