No Whining Zone


Whining is annoying…

and in my fifties, I have developed a zero tolerance for it.

I hope this doesn’t mean I am growing  hard or crusty. I want to be tender. I want to be sympathetic…



I know…we all have our moments. Life is hard,  and we need to vent at times.

I vent in a journal with pen in hand. I vent in my prayers to the only One who truly cares or can do anything to help.

Often I need to put my frustration in words, organizing my thoughts. A wordy  brain and heart leak can be very therapeutic and productive… if I don’t sit in it.

On the other side of this, we all know those soldier-souls who keep marching through the cold hard situations life unleashes on  them…and they never whine…they never complain.

However, some people are chronic whiners. Some personalities are just prone to complain and feel sorry for themselves.

Some generalizations regarding whiners:

  1. In truth, most of us are  complainers at some point. We have our moments when we just need to be heard. Whiners do not have moments. They have seasons…long. seasons.

  2. Whiners usually want someone  to do something for them. For some it may simply be the need to be heard in the midst of their frustration. For others, they need something they do not have but feel they deserve. They want someone to do or get something for them. Some people just want others to feel sorry for them…to give them the attention they crave.

  3. Chronic whiners are usually self-centered.

  4. Whiners are rarely problem solvers or deep thinkers.  Surface issues or inconveniences leave them emotionally stranded.

  5. Whiners are light drainers, meaning they can suck the light and joy out of most situations. Debbie and Doug Downer are the people you do not want to invite to your party.

  6. Whiners attract other whiners. They feed off of the negative. They preach gloom and doom. They seek to instill fear and dread.

  7. Whiners often avoid hard work. They seem to wear a “can’t do” attitude.

  8. Most of us avoid whiners if at all possible.

If you are a whiner,

stop. it.

Ask yourself if you complain more than you encourage.

Ask yourself if people avoid you or conversations with you.

Ask yourself if your conversations with people are self-centered and focus on your pitiful life… (That was harsh. Sorry…not really  .)

Now that I have finished typing this post…

it sounds kind of whiny…

I guess I’m kind of whiny about whiners…

Day 3– 

Write 31 Days


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