New Friendships: Fabulous at 50

Write 31 Days: Day 2

New friendships are sweeter after  fifty.


Bear and I discovered this unique truth a couple of years ago when we made the move to a  new church about 30 minutes (25 miles)  from our home.

New church. New community. New friends.

Change  has come into our lives in a season where we have the luxury of a little more time. These new friendships are not based on our children, the parents of children’s friends,  our jobs,  or even people living in close proximity. Our identity is not based on being Justin’s and Josh’s parents. Some of our new friends  are in a similar season of life with regard to grown and independent children, and yet some are aren’t. Being long distance parents and grandparents, we have found younger couples to love, spoil and enjoy. We have found friends who share our faith and values.  Many of our interests run parallel.  Opportunities  for service and care have been a joy! The journey has been quite interesting.

During this season, Bear and I  are not hard pressed   by our children’s activities or our work schedules.  We treasure  this gift of time and the people who are gracing our days. That’s what makes this season of 50 different. We value the beauty of a moment. We value community with friends…new friends.

I wish I could be witty with this post, but this topic is dear to me. It is dear because it reflects answered prayers.  This season, new friends, a new community of faith…all prayers answered by a God who cares  intimately about the details of our lives.

Old friendships are dear, but new friendships are such a wonderful surprise. Step outside your midlife comfort zone and look for community. Be open to the new…

New activities.

New challenges.

New people.


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