The Insanity of God

I have a dark…bibliophile-esque secret. 

I hoard books on my Kindle…


I admitted it. As of today, there are roughly…give or take a few… 500 books sitting comfortably on my cloud… Enjoying each other’s company and waiting patiently for their reader chick to get to them. 

One such  title is The Insanity of God by Nick Ripkin.  I downloaded the book in October of 2013. 

I thought I had read it…until I saw the movie this week with my hubby and friends. 

I had not. I would have been dramatically wrecked if I had read this book. 

The Insanity of God  movie tore at my heart…

And I am now reading the book…

The movie was released in association with the IMB ( International Mission Board)  in limited theaters last Tuesday, August 30th. It is the first theatrical release from LifeWay Films. 

The Insanity of God is the true story of missionaries Nik and Ruth Ripkin and their journey into the persecuted church. The Ripkins share their story of how persecuted believers taught them to love Jesus, how to follow Him, and how to walk with Him day to day even when it doesn’t make sense. 

The Ripkins ask their persecuted brothers and sisters this powerful question, “Is Jesus worth it?” 

Being the mom of young people who are serving the Lord on the international mission field, I was shattered by the depths of love of these people for Jesus. 

Convicted and  humbled, I left the theater with a  desire to serve Jesus more faithfully. To love Him more… To love the lost…enough to do something beyond just words. 
The movie is going to be shown in theaters again on September 13th. If you have the opportunity… GO. 

See it. Experience it. Be changed by it… And read the book…

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