My Brother’s Crown

Historical fiction is a strong pull for me, and when it whispers a promise of a series, I’m hooked. Mindy Starns Clark and Elizabeth Gould have done just this with their Cousins of the Dove series. They have me hooked.

 I just finished their book,  My Brother’s Crown, and it was fascinating!  I finished this book while sitting on the beach, and in truth, I was in a book stupor for a day after, anxious for more knowledge on the next chapter in the lives of this family and these characters. 

 My Brother’s Crown weaves ribbons of historical with contemporary Christian fiction, and these authors do it beautifully. The story deals with a family journal and a printed document dating back to the period of the late 1600’s and the Heugonot persecution in France. It was a dangerous time to be Protestant in faith and oppose the Catholic Church and the crown of King Louis. Modern day dealings with the ancient document and the breaking of the code within it draws both stories together. This is the first book in the Cousins of the Dove series, and it promises to be a series worth reading every page…every word. 

The second book, My Sister’s Prayer,  is due to be released September 1st. 

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