Lisa Whittle… I Want God

Some books can be life changing and hard and wonderful and yet leave you poured out on the floor in a big goopy mess. 

And…this was that book for me. 

I started this book a couple of months ago, and it was during a searching season. I would pick it up and put it down.

At the beginning of the summer, I buried myself in this book…reading, journaling, and praying. The book is underlined, highlighted, dog-eared, and tear-stained.   

 Revival is personal, and Lisa Whittle’s book I Want God was a match to the dry tinder of my heart and life. This book hits deep despite its short length. Lisa gets inside your head and heart. The Lord used her words to speak some hard truth in my life of complacency and ritual. 
I loved the questions and inventory at the end of the chapters. The book would be FABULOUS for a small intimate group of women to work through. If you are seeking revival…a reset with God, prayerfully consider this book as a tool.

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