Within the Veil



            Brandy Vallance’s new book, Within the Veil, is a delicious form of summer escape. Set during the Victorian era in 1885, Brandy leads her readers on an exciting journey across untamed Scotland through the lives of Alasdair and Feya.

            The worlds of Alasdair Cairncross and Feya Broon could not be more different. Feya is an impoverished Scot-half Gypsy whose devotion to her siblings drives her to take a dangerous risk to provide the food and shelter their widowed drunkard father does not. Alasdair is a royal palace guard with a promising career and a wealthy socialite fiancé. Desperate ill-fated choices land Feya in Alasdair’s custody and on her way to prison. But their journey becomes a fight for survival. Alasdair’s father has questionable political goals that prove to be dangerous for his son and Feya who find themselves at the mercy of each other and kidnapped by people who have revenge at heart.

            Alasdair’s and Feya’s are opposites in every sense of the word and it is their clashing backgrounds which provide the grand dramatic fodder in their story as they become tangled in their society’s misconceptions and mistreatment of the gypsies in Victorian Scotland. By the way…this little historical ribbon was fascinating.

            In truth, I was not ready to say goodbye to Alasdair and Feya. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed two characters this much. The ribbon of God’s faithfulness was delicately woven throughout the pages of their experiences. All of it. Splendid. Simply. Splendid…

            I will read this again…But first I must read Brandy’s first novel, The Covered Deep. I enjoyed Brandy’s writing style tremendously and I look forward to reading her future works as well.

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