Giddy Up, Eunice!

Sometimes books come into our lives in the perfect season…

This. Book. This. Season…


I have a great affection for this book and this author.  Sophie Hudson is one of my favorite people, and  if we knew each, I think it is safe to say,  we could totally be best buds. I follow her blog and podcasts, and I have read her previous books. Most important,  she loves Jesus and can make me snort with laughter.

Regarding this book, let me just say it is a little different than Sophie Hudson’s previous titles. It is more of a biblical approach to relationships between women than the marvelous mix of anecdotes around family and hometown folk she usually shares.

BUT this book has those too!

This book is about women. Precious women…because in truth, aren’t we all precious. I think we are…

Giddy Up, Eunice is about how we as women need community  with each other to be at our “relational” best, so to speak. Sophie looks at the relationships of women in Scripture to mirror the way we can and should relate to each other. She looks at Elizabeth’s relationship with her younger cousin Mary, the relationship of Naomi and her daughter-in-love Ruth, and the relationship of Lois and Eunice, grandmother and mother of Timothy.



In this book Sophie also adds marvelous color by sharing personal stories and her fabulous southern whit. She shares about the young women she pours into and the wild, wonderful women who have mentored her through the years in the sweetest of ways. This book is about “safe places becoming sacred spaces” in our relationships with each other.


Giddy Up, Eunice is  an excellent book for a small group to share or a book club title. I pre-ordered several copies to give to my girlfriends. This book has meant a great deal to me personally because I am in a season of my life where there are young women in my circle of influence who will benefit greatly from these types of relationships. These girls and women need someone pouring into them, coming along side in life’s hills and valleys…

Giddy Up, Eunice  has been a poignant reminder  of how we women have a tendency to fill our lives with superficial and unhealthy relationships with other women. These are relationships where we walk in constant comparison and insecurity.

Ok…Let’s decide right here and now to end that. Let’s stop it.

Stop. It. Right. Now.


We girls also understand that it is super easy for us as women to focus on what seems to separate us, but in reality, we have far more in common than we realize.

Yes…We. Do.


We are selling ourselves short, girls!

We need deeper, more supportive relationships with women of all ages because there are relational riches to be found across generational ages.


Add this to your summer reading list…

It’s so worth it!

Giddy up, ya’ll!


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