Social Media Over Load 

My grand plan for my MLK holiday from school has been liberating…which  is somewhat apropos for this particular holiday day. 

The morning has given me the opportunity to declutter my online life…

And by decluttering I mean removing apps from my devices and unsubscribing to a variety of newsletters and shopping emails I am bombarded by daily. 

I am social media-weary… It can be such a great thing, but it can be a time-straw,  sucking up ridiculous amounts of my time and emotional energy. 

My word for 2016 is JOY, and I have found over the last three weeks so much of this social clutter robs me of my JOY. With the political season in full swing, everybody has an opinion and an agenda, and social media is up to its smelly armpits in what will be a political slugfest this year. I predict… it will not be pretty…

I. am. done. 

I have also realized that I write less for My Philippians 4:8 Life because of my posts on Facebook. 

More writing…

More reading…

Less whining…

I am going to reduce the size of my online life…sharing less on social media and more on My Philippians 4:8 Life. Greater focus and less fluff… Not that fluff is bad at times…

How about you? How is social media treating you? 

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