What’s Not to Love About November

November is quite lovely in the South, and if you don’t believe me, check any November  issue of Southern Living magazine.

Georgia Novembers are  especially kind. They are like old friends who drop by for coffee. They  slip on easy like a loved, well-worn sweatshirt. Cool, not cold, with late season tree color. Perfect. 

The month of November expects little from me personally, and I like that.  November is the pregame show for the holiday season. It’s not a party girl. Gifts are not required. Just attitudes of gratitude with cups of coffee and the heady aroma  of home-cooked heaven for family gatherings.  November  sings of Thanksgiving and yet whispers hints of Christmas. Other than the planning of a Thanksgiving meal, little is required of me. Quite honestly, it is a simple month with deep pockets of seasonal reflection. IMG_2062

My family does not sport the quintessential holiday fare and  gatherings that many do because we are locationally diverse meaning we are literally spread across the globe. My clan has learned to grab moments when we can. Whenever we can…

Guilt is not heaped or shoveled over missed holidays, nor do we have preset standing gatherings that run everyone crazy with planning. We pull together when we can, and when we do it is more about the people than the food or the preparation. I love my family for that. Honey, celebrating with dinner at a restaurant is definitely not beneath us.

And since I am being completely honest, everything in my simplistic minimalist heart screams downsize that holiday meal, baby girl. The thought of spending days preparing one meal that we will then have to reheat and disguise for days seems so harsh…especially since I am not overly fond of leftovers.

This Georgia November has been especially soggy, and many have sloshed through the days in a heavy state of gloom. Ah well…it’s November. The days with sun have been glorious, and the days with rain have been reminders of what a gift sunshine can be.

For now, I am thankful…

I am thankful that God has graced us with November and its season of quiet before December arrives in her prettiest party dress.

I am thankful that I teach and enjoy a fabulous week off for Thanksgiving. Don’t hate me if you don’t.

But mostly, I  am thankful…that slap in the middle of all of the terror, confusion, division and brokenness our  world is heaping on human hearts  this November, we have the sweet promise of advent…of a Savior who comes to us.



What’s not to love…





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