A Grace Place

IMG_1655My son’s friend was killed last Saturday.

This is where we have lived over the past four days…

In this sadness at a life lost so young.

In this reminder of the fragile balance.

In this place of quiet remembrance.

Lauren was gentle. Kind. Hardworking. (She worked several jobs to put herself through college and was waiting to hear if she had been accepted into physical therapy school.) Humble. No drama queen. Not a diva.

Wow…what genuine qualities to be known and remembered by. This spoke volumes and has slipped deep into my soul over the last couple of days.

Lauren’s life was a grace place. A place where forgiveness lodged because her life was not easy…

This grace place opened her to others. It drew them in with a shy and beautiful smile. Her grace place made you feel welcome. You were accepted…regardless.

I love this idea of our lives being places of grace…where we extend unmerited favor to others. Regardless of faith base or lack of, a grace place would require living a life where we extend kindness to others far beyond anything they could possibly ever deserve, but we  do it out of love.

I want my life to be a grace place. Not an easy task…No. Quite impossible at times.

But it’s  a  sweet beginning.

Last night was Open House at school. My first day with a new group of 4th graders is Friday. As I look at this year, as I live daily with students, as I work closely with parents…

I want them to see me, my life and my classroom as a grace place.

And maybe…just maybe…a grace place can be a contagious kind of thing.

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2 thoughts on “A Grace Place

  1. Anand August 12, 2015 at 8:50 am Reply

    Sorry to hear about Lauren. A young life when cut short leaves us in a different kind of space. I hope your pint-size audience distracts you…

    • Berta August 12, 2015 at 1:27 pm Reply

      Thank you for your sweet comment. AND yes, my pint-sized distractions are front and center in my frontal lobe this week. I am ready for the sound of their voices Friday as our new school launches.

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