The Weirdly Wonderful and My Sister (the Same Thing…)

Best laid plans…

A line of grumpy thunder storms, wifi A.W.O.L., and a longer than expected day of pre-planning at school reek havoc on Blogging 101 assignments….just so you know.

Chunky writing requires…ummm…chunks of opportunity in which to write. Yesterday was “chunkless.” But…that’s really ok because I needed the extra time to ponder and percolate over  the assignment.

Who is my writing audience?

My self-absorbed first thought was….why me, OF COURSE!

After I read the entire assignment,  I understood with greater clarity the full scope of the question. In all honesty, I don’t think I ever stopped to consider an “audience” for my blog. My blog writing was my creative outlet, my ramblings, my mistakes, my comedic  undertakings, and my heartaches. It was a journal of my pilgrimage in this faith life of mine.

However…thinking about a target audience is humbling and a little daunting. Who in the world would ever choose to read something penned by me? This would indeed be someone I might feel a genuine sense of concern for… I am no authority on anything of value,  but I do have great passions. My life is not exciting or vibrant with travel or deep with great wisdom, but I do have a peculiar sense of adventure. Who could identify with anything I write or care about?

Little Sis and sneaky nephew

Little Sis and sneaky nephew

The first person who crossed my mind was my younger sister.

My sister. I think I would love to have a blog that my younger sister thought enough of to read each day…Something that made HER  ask, “I wonder what this Philippians 4:8 chick is up to today…”

My sister is quite amazing. She is a hot mess…quite honestly. Ecclectic hippy. College professor. Scientist.  Raiser of cows. Lover of animals. An outdoor enthusiast and the mom/stepmom of 5. She makes her own soap and yogurt and even wine sometimes, depending on the muscadines. She worms her own goats, coaches her son’s little kid soccer team, and loves people…fiercely…all people, but especially her family and her students.

Funny! Oh mercy! She makes me laugh harder, snort louder and produces more tear-induced fits than anyone I know. She is tender and loves Jesus. Brilliant! Oh yes. She has worked with primate research, lab rats, and manipulated DNA for crying out loud.

She is real. Laughter, heartache, and mischief in one body and soul.  So this might possibly be my audience… my sister and those weirdly wonderful souls…like US…

My audience…These are my would-be peeps!

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