Tuesday, a Tagline, and Wednesday in the Wings


4:00 a.m.

I smile only because I consume a bodaciously corrupted grande cup of pumpkin spice coffee. Today’s writing, completed in chunks because of time restraints, is a true picture of my blogging.

An end product by evening…sometimes. Free moments scattered through the day allow me to add, subtract, and revise.

Day 2 and Day 3. Done. Da-done. Done.

Tagline was tweeked yesterday.

Wednesday’s assignment was quite enjoyable. I read several posts from other bloggers and followed five new unique voices.  I find reading blog enjoyable, and I already subscribe to a wide variety.

Bible study/quiet time. Blogging 101 assignment- first leg of the journey anyway. Shower. FaceTime with my kids in South Korea…School. Meetings…the blight of preplanning week.

By late afternoon, I am home with iPad in my lap, looking over this morning’s beginning post and adding the final ideas before throwing the final touches on dinner sitting in yonder Crock Pot.

Once school begins, this is my day and any blogging schedule ….unless…I write on weekends which is the reason I procrastinate. Days turn into weeks before a post is eked out again.

Procrastination. Must. End.

Help me,  Blogging 101. You’re my only hope…(a Stars Wars reference this is…mmmmm. The force is strong with this one…)

Cut me a little slack. It’s been a long day.

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