My Summer Something List

summer something list

My summer is half over…heavy sigh.

And before I know it, it will be August. Then school begins. I know for a fact, I’ll look back over the past two months and wonder why I didn’t get more accomplished.  Well, this year I decided to write down a set goals  for my summer 16’…

My “Summer Something List” goes “something” like this:

  • Playing  with a precious a granddaughter and loving  on her sweet mommy and daddy for two weeks…THIS… Bubbles, play dough, sidewalk chalk, swimmies, the aquarium, library story time… Did I mention that we are just a tab bit excited about their two week visit?!

  • Spending time with my feet in the sand while beaching like a whale…Yes…Hallelujah!

    Salt water and sand for my soul. Hopefully we will throw in some fish or shrimp tacos.

    Tacos make me very happy! VERY…



  •  Read…read…read… I set a  goal of 20 books for the summer with at least 6 nonfiction titles in this mix.

    Honey, I am struggling with this one. I currently have 3 books going. At. The. Same. Time… Just call me Ms. Distraction. I am not spending the time with my nose in a novel like I usually do,  and this is making my reaching my reading goal tough.

  • Write…Write and write a little more. I had hoped to write a little each day, but again, the distractions are dragging me in and under.

  • Nap. Each. Day…Hallelujah! Yes! Because I can… Soul care, people!

    Nothing distracts me from napping, people. NOTHING. This is happening!

  •  Prepare one new dish each week…I am in a food slump. I am looking for healthy, EASY dishes. Stay tuned…I will share.

    Moment of transparency…I have already failed miserably at this one.  Maybe I need to should try to actually cook one meal at home each week. That might be a far  more realistic goal.

    Sad, isn’t it? 

  • We are definitely trying at least  4 new restaurants this summer.  We are already half to meeting this goal with two new eateries down.

    This one is big, folks,  because my sweet man isn’t always the most receptive to new or different…anything. Love him, but just being honest. I can’t wait to share  about these experiences.  Trying new restaurants is always an adventure for us because we  are going to research that place to death before showing up on the doorstep. Research and read reviews…because…um…my hubby. Thank you…

    (Since I am not hitting the goal of the preparing the new food each week, I think this goal is something I can definitely put my heart and energy into…Feeling hopeful here, peeps! )

  • Ease back into walking again especially in the mornings.  With my physical therapy nearing completion, my activity level should increase gradually.

    I purchased an exercise ball…and ya’ll this deserves its own post. I have no words currently for the antics of trying to work with this massive silver orb in the hopes of strengthening my core and back… Honestly, the ball deserves its own haiku…Watch for future poetry posts regarding the ball. 

  • Paint my master bedroom and bath. The calm color has been chosen. This one is a “hope to,” but not a “have to,” and this one is going to be a team effort. Hubby has promised to help.  Apparently, he is just as sick of the current mint green color on the walls as I am. Painting with  Bear, whose middle name is “Perfection,” should be good for laughs or the lunatic asylum. Either way, it screams of humorous possibilities.

  •  ____________ This is my freebie! I want to add a new “something” to my summer. I don’t even know what this is going to be. I am open and willing for a sweet new adventure, or at least something new and fun. 


Things removed from my list:

  • Skydiving for my 53rd birthday…Yeah. Doctor threw this one out…Go figure. Bad back…

  • Rollercoasters…not happening either.  Uhh… bad back…Thank you, again.

  • Starting a new flower bed…???

    Who am I kidding? This one wasn’t even realistic. Truthfully, me gardening is a little cruel to the plants who deserve so much better.  I lack the ability to keep green things alive long.

    Please do not ask me to care for your plants if you are traveling. You have been warned.


What are  some of your Summer 16 goals?

Be honest…how realistic are they?

Which ones have  you actually achieved?

And which ones have you tossed in the pond of “No Way, Jose?”


Just curious…






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