Spring Break – My Gentle Exhale

This week I am exhaling…

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Winters are rough on my soul.  Limited, unpredictable outside time wears me down.

But…spring whispers forgiveness and promises new.

I really like spring, but  I absolutely adore spring break.

AND while I would love to stick my feet in the sand and  listen to ocean waves like local people do, I will longingly wait until summer.

Bear and I try to  plan day trips during my spring break. He doesn’t have the luxury of a week off from work, and financially, day excursions are better us.

Plus we have so many options. From my house, we are 3 hours from the beach and 3 hours from the mountains. We are 2 hours from Atlanta, and within a short distance of many state parks. I could not ask for more! Surrounded by a plethora of historic landmarks and southern “battered-and-fried-in-charming” towns, there is always something for my day trip indulgence. 

Yesterday we spent a perfect spring afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and the tulips were exquisite…Bursts of color…brights, pastels…amazing! Lots of little ones were running about, infused with sunshine excitement. There is something enchanting about standing in a garden, surrounded by flowers with their little faces lifted high, and hearing the sound of children’s laughter.  I felt somewhat like a wood sprite or fairy in that sweet place.





After strolling through color bursts of flowers, we hiked through IKEA (Be still my beating heart!) and then enjoyed dinner at PF Changs. It was simply a sampling of my tastes and Bears minus the roller coasters…Bless him! PF Changs was his reward for patience beyond the call of duty in the tackling of IKEA. What a guy! What. A. Guy.

Today, there are  lesson plans to write and bills to pay (the perfect way to spend a cloudy spring day). Bear  is battling our taxes (a bloody mess).

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will play outside…some where…in the sunshine which is our reward for today’s hard and horrible tasks.

BUT it is spring break, and that makes everything better.

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