Going Gloriously Gray- My Hair Adventure

I did something WILD this winter…

Something that has made me feel fabulously feisty.

I decided to go extremely short and dive into gray. Oh yes, indeedy, I did…

I wanted to release myself from the endless cycle of monthly colorings and chemicals.



Pre-Gray Gloriousness…

First Cut Toward Gray

First Cut Toward Gray

Fully Fabulous and Gray!

In this year’s  search for simplicity, going gray seemed to be the perfect place to begin.

This season feels good. It breathes fresh and whispers sweet. Contentment…oh my yes.

P.S. I love having a hair style that requires so little attention. Wash it and let it go! Yep! Just that easy!

My sweet Bear has supported my new look wholeheartedly, and I love him all the more for that. He tells me I am cute…He looks at his girl-bride of almost 33 years, smiles, touches my cheek, and kisses my nose.

My sassy, renegade heart beats fiercely for him because he embraces this season of me. Mercy! I love that he loves me like this…

Several people have told me that going boyishly short and gray was  a brave thing to do…and this has made me laugh.  I wonder if their comments about my gray-brave are just a nice way of saying, “Wow, honey! You really look rough!”

I am not fighting some tragic disease.

I am not climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Tired of coloring it. Oh yes!

Concerned about the chemicals and the effect they have on my body. Ummm…Absolutely.


Ready for something different. Truly.

But brave. No. Not really.

 It’s just hair. It grows.

And I can always  wear a cute baseball cap.


Now I am pondering my next adventure…

This June I turn 52, and I am trying to talk my husband into skydiving with me…

A mountain of sweet-talking best commence! 

By the way…I love my hair dresser. She has cut my hair for about 25 years, and she is just as much of a renegade at heart as I am. We have laughingly labeled this season “My Hair Adventure!”

One thought on “Going Gloriously Gray- My Hair Adventure

  1. Kerry Chambers March 17, 2015 at 1:10 pm Reply

    i love that you are embracing this new chapter of life. You are beautiful the way God made you. Can’t wait for your new adventure. Love you!

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