Tis the Season for Weight Watchers

Months of whiny self-imposed Cheetos and dark chocolate consumption resulted in a troublesome ten pound gain.

Heavy sigh…chin to chest…guilt…

One minute the horrid little pounds were not there  and then they were…hidden beneath the baggie comfort of easy summer living apparel. My t-shirts and loose fitting gym shorts were my friends initially, but as the summer dragged by, ended, and fall settled in, my comfy clothes became a little snug in the hips. They no longer  hid my dark chocolate-Cheetos secrets…

Who am I kidding? It wasn’t just chocolate and Cheetos…It was bread. And s’mores.

And my lack of exercise… because I was reading…another great book. And a million other things.

My reading poncho made by my sweet sister...

My reading poncho made by my sweet sister…

Bottom line…I lost my “want-to” and I couldn’t find it anywhere…I stopped caring.

Now I feeling a little more like myself…my old self,  and I am ready to take charge again…sort of.

My old friend Weight Watchers was there…”weighting” on my return to sanity…to reason…to self-discipline.

Many people snub the idea of a weight loss program with meetings and weigh ins, but Weight Watchers  works for this girl.  I need to put my money where my appetite is.  I need the accountability of  another soul knowing my weight. I need that knowing tender look of  “Oh my goodness, honey, you have picked up a little weight,” or the high 5 chest pump of  “Way to go, girl!  You lost! You are awesome!”

Public accolades? Yes indeedy! They are good for my Oreo and Cheetos inflated pants size.

Without making myself crazy or starving, I am now five pounds lighter heading into Thanksgiving tomorrow. Balance is my renewed mantra.  I can have this, but I will have to skip something later.  Smart eating, more fruit and vegetables, less sweets and carbs.  No late night snacking. Drinking water like my life depends on it. Five more pounds  and maybe a few more by the first of the year, that’s all I am really looking to lose.  Half way there!

What I know about myself is this. I am rarely out of control in only one area of my life.  My eating reflects other emotional issues which need to be addressed, and they have been.

In all honesty, some days are better than others. Today has been a heavy cooking day, which does not bode well for me. A batch of Cream Cheese Sausage Balls baked for Josh this morning  have been my down fall.  By 9 a.m.  I had already consumed my entire day’s worth of Points Plus Values.   Those little sausage balls were just sitting there as I mixed and cooked and chopped and sautéed and baked in preparation for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving meal. Whispering to me…”I am warm. I am crispy. I am yummy.”

What I should have heard screeching in my head was…”I will sit on your hips. Unforgiving jeans will make you miserable and render you unable to breathe.  Eating me means that you will live on vegetables and low fat cottage cheese for the rest of the day.”

BUT…moms cook when their baby boys come home from college. Josh loves sausage balls. I cooked sausage balls. I ate sausage balls…a bunch of them…I lost count.

How are you finding food balance during this holiday season?

P.S. Did I mention I am a life time member and  former Weight Watcher receptionist, and leader?






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