Crazy Teacher – New Year

 Welcome to my new year!


Welcome to my room...


The last month has been CRAZY busy preparing for a new crop of 4th graders.

Meetings, lessons plans, reading and reading and more reading…

New faces, new 4th graders, new families…

There is a room to clean and decorate. New anchor charts are created. Learning bulletin boards are hung…

In the midst of this organized chaos, school begins.

I have may not  have found the perfect seating arrangement yet. I may not have my fingers on the pulse of each child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. I may not know each parent by face or first name yet…

but we begin.

Can I be perfectly honest with you?

I am completely out of my comfort zone this year.

Two new classes, one of which is a high school elective – Old Testament. New novels to teach…New approaches to make a greater impact with my students…

I am exhausted and overwhelmed…


This is what August and September are like for me. You should feel sorry for my sweet husband who is sadly neglected during these two months of the year.

Life at my house is a freakish mess. There is no routine. My hours are bizarre…I am physically wiped out each afternoon and take a 30 minute power nap. I do a minimal amount of house work during the week. Meals cooked are simple and must provide leftovers for a couple of days. My Crock Pot is a marriage saver and my best friend.

In bed by 10:00 p.m. after working on various school assignments, I am up about 4:30 a.m. to squeak in my quiet time with Jesus and prepare myself for my day. At 7:20, I leave for school and my day begins again.

One month later, I am breathing and I know learning is taking place. My life is  still void of that proverbial rhythm, but I feel peace and reassurance growing with each day. I am leaving  school things at school on the weekends to create down time at home.

We teachers are a unique mix of cheerleaders, ringmaster, and sage. Often insecure and worn, we square our shoulders and take that deep breath.  Perched on the ledge…success and failure are separated by silk thread.


Hall bulletin board



I would love to hear from other teachers about your back to school routines.

Have you found your rhythm yet?

What do you do to avoid beginning of the year burn out?

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