A Krispie Kreme for Honesty

Hot Krispy Kremes
Hot Krispy Kremes

Last month  I lost my check book.

Yes, some people still write checks and carry a check book…Don’t be cheeky.

Losing it made me vulnerable. I hate feeling vulnerable.

I had no idea where it to look for it. One moment it was there and then it wasn’t.

Retracing my steps left me angry and frustrated. I relived  each moment until I was  at the point I was questioning everything. (Ever been there?) That feeling of absolute panic…

Nauseating, isn’t it?

The questions…Did I really have it there? Was  I positive  I put it back in my bag? What was the last place I really  saw it?

Insanity, I tell you…

No sleep that night…but during those dark quiet empty hours, I began to ask God what He was trying to show me. How was I responding to this situation…in this situation? It wasn’t pretty.

At some point, my pleading with God became an earnest seeking and then a gentle listening. A quiet settled over me.


“The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.” Psalm 28:7


There was a sense of His presence and a  knowing that regardless, God already knew how this situation would be resolved. He had His eyes on my checkbook as I fretted.  My worry and fear would not change the situation. As a matter of fact, it just wore me out and left  me unraveled. My own anxiety then fed Bear’s fear regarding the situation.

The next morning, we had a game plan. Don’t we as humans ALWAYS have our own game plan?

Bear and I left the house going to the bank to close out the account and hopefully stop any future fraudulent activity.

On the way  I made one  more phone call, the only place we had not been able to reach the night before.

A sweet man named Mr. Ed, the store’s manager, and one of his employees became my heroes.

In that moment, time was suspended, and this is not  an exaggeration. Tears were shed.  A tsunami of relief overtook us…

An honest store employee found my checkbook and the forty-two dollars in cash tucked inside. Precious Mr. Ed locked the checkbook and its contents  in the safe over night. Immediately, Bear and I made the forty-five minute drive to claim it, and we  offered prayers of thanksgiving and worship over every mile.

SO…how  do these food crazy people from the South express their immense gratitude for the restoration of  calm and peace? How do you thank someone for being  honest?

Why Krispy Kreme doughnuts of course!

In all honesty, they were Bear’s suggestion.  One dozen of those sinfully delectable bad boys…

We took the HOT doughnuts to the store and left them with Mr. Ed for the store employees to enjoy…

(If you are not familiar with Krispy Kreme donuts, well,  I am just so sorry for you. Where in the world were you raised?)  They are heaven on the lips and a lifetime on the hips…

I began to think about my initial response to  the missing checkbook and its unexpected  return.

Honesty is a quality we desire in society; however, we do not expect it…anymore…or do we? Probably, more often than not, we expect dishonesty. Very sad.

While I wanted to find the checkbook and cash, truthfully, I did not think I would. At the most, I might locate the checkbook and the cash would be missing.

But for both to be returned? Wow!

That one act of kindness restored  my faith in humanity.  Well, maybe not ALL humanity, but enough…(just being honest).

My thoughts ran to the fact that I am far more likely to expect the worst in people in general, see the negative in strangers, and then hope for the opposite as an outcome.

Is this human nature? I do not think so. I hope  not anyway.

Funny…I was guilty of being  the one thing I accuse my husband of being. A pessimist. An Eeyore.

Truly, that is not my personality, or so I would have thought.

After my check book incident, honesty is definitely something on my radar. I have thought a great deal about it over the last couple of weeks. Questions have rolled around in this brain.

How does society as a whole regard honesty? Do people view it as important? What does this reveal about our true character?

As a teacher, this will definitely trickle down into my classroom because of the impact this one instance has had on me.

What about honesty?  Do you expect it in others?

Do others expect it in you?

Do you deliver?

As I type this, I realize I never even thought to ask for the name of the honest employee who found it.  Now what does that say about me?…


One thought on “A Krispie Kreme for Honesty

  1. Christie Rebecca August 7, 2014 at 12:35 pm Reply

    “They are heaven on the lips and a lifetime on the hips…” Preach, sister. Preach. 🙂

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