Puppy on the Porch

Call me delusional ( and  I am…often).  I have this dream of my Tasmanian devil puppy settling into my rhythm. My rhythm includes large amounts of quiet reading, long walks, and time on my back porch. 

Being outside this  morning is amazing. It’s cooler today. There is dramatically less humidity for  Georgia than we normally experience this time of year. Everything appears clean, green, and alive.

Bravely, my little furry girl is joining me in my quiet morning back porch ritual. The bravery is on my part., believe me.  Honestly, I have great hopes she will grow to love our time on the back porch together as much as I do.

This morning, I have feasted on Scripture –  Acts 20:24, and I am asking myself if my life is telling the story of God’s grace. 

Hershey on the porch

Hershey on the porch

My Hershey, on the other hand,  has feasted on two bugs and a healthy portion of my begonias…Grace…exhale…

It’s a process, people…

Back porch, Bible study, bugs and begonias.
Yep…baby steps.

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