No DSL?! Heaven Help Me…

So. . . I am in a love/hate relationship with technology today…

Love DSL when it works. . .

Hate the stupid thing when it doesn’t. . .

Love the patient 1-800-Help-Guy with the stuffy  nose and raspy, congested  cough who worked with me over the phone  for 85 MINUTES (Insert screaming and gnashing of teeth here.).

Hate that I wasted 85 MINUTES of my life  to fix something that has become a necessary evil for my household. Those minutes are gone. Lost to me…Remaining on the phone for that length of time was torture …Oh Sweet Mercy!

As I waited, I kept telling myself that “patience is a virtue.”

Walk in love, girl!

Show the love of Jesus.

In the end, no lives were lost and the apocalypse was averted narrowly. . . narrowly. . .I say.

The world is safe.

Berta has working internet. Thank you very much!

She has left the building. . .with her laptop.

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