My Sweet Man Knows Me

He Knows What I Like!

He Knows What I Like!

What can I say?  My  sweet man knows  me and he knows what I like. . .

I love that he gets me. I mean, he “gets” me. . .

He knows my moods and I have some spectacularly outrageous episodes. . .true moments of undefined glory and horror.

He knows my passion for dark chocolate, Coke Zero, Starbucks, and yes…Cheetos…the crunchy variety.

He knows me and that is the beautiful thing about a relationship of almost 33 years.

OH MY WORD!  That’s a third of a century….Crazy huh?

He knows me…

He knows when I am quiet that I need my space to breath through “whatever…” and he doesn’t rush in.

He knows when I am deep in reading that a gentle kiss will make me lift up my head and remind me that a real world does exist outside of my latest paged absorbtion .

He knows I HATE  admitting I am afraid…of anything, but with a gentle pull, I am in his arms. . .safe without saying a word.

But…I know him too.

I know when to tiptoe.

I know when to bombard him with kisses and tickles.

I know when he is leaning toward Mexican food over wings or grilled seafood over a greasy burger and fries…It’s is all about the day he has had.

I know when he worries about finances, our children, and our future. . .that I need to just lean in and sigh…and remain uncharacteristically quiet (for me)   while holding his hand.

I know when I can laugh AT  him and his quirky humor and when to laugh WITH  him and when to playfully sock him in the arm.

We do not take each other or the gift of this time in our lives for granted. . .

And so for this lovely season it’s just simply GOOD. . . to know that I am loved by a man who knows me so well. . .



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