For What?

Brasstown Valley by Me

Brasstown Valley by Me

I recently read a Facebook post laying out  a  bare-bones approach to Christianity and the post offered the following question:

“What if Christians stopped telling the world what and who they were against and began  telling the world what and who they were for?”


I have to say that this really poked at my conscience and made me think. . .

Do I place a negative spin on my faith by limiting it to a list of things I am against when in truth it should be grounded in the One I am for?…


What is this “Philippians 4:8 Girl”  for  exactly? 

More importantly, does my ridiculously unorthodox life exemplify what I claim I believe?

In truth…not always, but laying it out on clean white paper with black ink added some much needed clarity to my arrogant heart and my murky actions.


I am for Jesus. . .

  • even though I have a tendency to  create little idols that steal my affection from Him. Weak as I am, I can turn anything into an idol when I allow my one track mind to obsess.


I am for God’s Word. . .Unchangeable and true. . .

  • even though I fail to live it out in my day to day. . .which really shatters me. I am that “Good Little Bible Girl” who spends time daily in Scripture because I do love it. Did I mention that I have a pride problem too? Yep…


I am for the GRACE and MERCY  that hides me in the safe place on that rocky mountain side. . .

  • even though I don’t always extend that same grace and mercy to others.

  • even though I have a tendency to react rather than respond to most situations. Short tempered and  impatient . . .


I am for loving people. . . all people. . . believers and unbelievers. . . hurting and happy. . . with a extravagant love . . .

  • even though I am careless  with my words at times and my heart becomes hard.

  • even though my pride gets in the way. . .

  • even though I have decided that this type of love doesn’t come naturally and it has to be something that I intentionally choose to do.  I must be intentional with my loving.


I am for the church. . .

  • even though I want my way not God’s way on some matters.

  • even though I do not pray for my brothers and sisters in the church as I should.

  • even though at times I seek isolation and  I pull away from other believers. This has been an issue for me this year.


 I am for worship. . .

  • even though my mind is often cluttered with the rubble of the world and the chaos of my life, making mental lists of the things I consider priority.

  • even though I fail to offer praise in the midst of  difficult times and I fret and whine.


What are you for? What do you support with your whole heart and every fabric of your being? 

How are you doing on this journey of “For What?”

I would love to know…





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