Hope…Where Art Thou Oh Spring?

Hope in the dead of winter...

Hope in the dead of winter…

Hope bloomed beside my Georgia driveway this week, poking its green arms and yellow face up through autumn’s discarded blanket of brown leaves…and my winter weary heart smiled.

Let me just say before I go any  further that I choose to live in the South for various reasons, two of which are sweet tea and yes, milder, shorter winters.

By northern standards, I suppose, this winter in the South would be considered “mild,” but for Southerners… well,  it has been downright nippy with several rounds of wintery precipitation. Deep in the heart of  Georgia, we rarely dismiss school because of winter weather issues; however, we have lost five days in the last two months. To say that this winter has been unique would be an understatement.

For this  bare foot girl who loves warm temperatures, glorious sunshine and time on her back porch soaking up both, the last two months have been cold, gray and dismal.  The end result has been a frumpy woman with a  grumpy disposition and a substantial bout of emotional eating.

How do people in colder climates do it?  Heaven help me….can you say Alaskans?

Well, seven pounds and a couple of family size bags of Cheetos  later … I decide…

They must be made of much hardier stock than this whiny vitamin D deficient Georgia peach.

My sunny little daffodil and its promise of   ‘new and warm’  remind me that winter does not and cannot last forever.  

I shall nap in the sun again. I will inhale the luxurious scent of Copper-tone and adorn shorts and sleeveless tops…Fuzzy thick socks and flannel pajama pants will disappear into large Rubbermaid containers tucked away in the attic…

I whispered a prayer… applauding  God for His amazing creativity and  His perfect choices of spring color.  I thanked Him for all things lovely in spring and for new life…both of which come only from Him.

I am filled with hope…and a strong  desire to do some online shopping for cute spring clothes…



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