Best Intentions For Gratitude Journalling But…

This Phili 4:8 girl is all about the big picture. Details allude me at times…

Not something that I am especially proud of.

My New Journal

My New Journal

So it was with a genuine heart I began my November gratitude journal on Friday,November 1st, but…

I just could not keep up!

I had the best of intentions. It’s not that I am ungrateful or that my life is lacking in any way, but  actually living out all of the Lord’s blessings takes time for one who has so many…blessings…that is.

I am tremendously thankful for the big things…

a Heavenly Father who loves his whiny rambunctious girl, a husband who lives with her and all of my sweet family including my lab, Bo, who love me in spite of me.

I am also grateful for the little things.

And this year, the Lord seems to draw me to the little things that I tend overlook so often. Waking up to a picture or video of my granddaughter Hadasah on my iPhone, hot showers, texts from my sons and daughter-in-love, quiet evenings with my sweet Randy, time with my mom, funny phone calls from my seriously wacky but brilliant sister…

BUT…remembering to write them all down in my journal each day? Well now, that’s a different subject altogether.  Maybe I lack self-discipline.

The heart of this Philippians 4:8 girl means well…

but my human nature is pretty weak.   I honestly try to live before the Lord in continuous conversation regarding my grateful heart.

So, in reality  I did not keep up my November Facebook gratitude postings or a daily entry in my  gratitude journal.  I have not been as faithful as the amazingly gifted author  Ann Voskamp who penned One Thousand Gifts, but I recognize that everything I have is from God’s hands. I applaud those who post each day!

I want to be just like you when I grow up…

But today…I am just plain grateful, journalling, posting and writing aside.

Have you kept a gratitude journal this Thanksgiving season?

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