Hadasah’s Feet…

Romans 10:15 “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!”


My little princess..

Oh my goodness!  I love your little feet, sweet one!

Your silly grandmother has never even touched or kissed those cute   tootsies, but they are so precious to me.

Hadasah's feet at birth

Hadasah’s feet at birth

Sometimes I like to daydream about all  the places those little soles will travel and the many adventures you will have.

Buttons, bows, shoe laces, or velcro strips, your little feet will hit the ground running.

Designed to move, oh… you will. Climbing on monkey bars, barefoot in sand, chasing puppies and kittens, or twirling in dance slippers and a tutu, God designed you for amazing movement.

I think about the splinters you will inevitably get, the stubbed toes because of your passion  for being barefoot, and the pink sparkly polish that will grace your little toenails.

I pray for those little feet and the tender  heart and mind tucked inside your “fearfully and wonderfully made” little body.

Bless your little heart! (That’s a Southern saying, sweet one!)

Your Sugar uses it a lot… with everyone in a variety of situations.

Just know that when I use it with you…it takes on an entirely different meaning…

I pray over you, dear one, and I know that while 7,000 miles separate us, my Heavenly Father is taking tremendous joy in watching you and counting the steps of your perfect little feet. I also know that even though your mommy, daddy, and all of your grandparents love you beyond measure, He loves you more.

More than happiness, more than wealth, or any other earthly pleasure, I want you to love Jesus with every fiber of your being.

I want those little feet to carry Jesus to a lost and hurting world. I want those little feet to run to the heartbroken, and to carry those in need to the Father…

Oh, I do so love those little feet! Lord, bless them today…

Your Sugar…

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