A Honey of a Hubby and Thankful for Him!

The sweet Lord knew that this “big picture” woman would need a “detail-oriented” man to be her help and guide.

Randy & Berta by Ashah Wood

Randy & Berta by Ashah Wood

My “detail-oriented” man is a planner, and he likes those “T’s” crossed and “I’s” dotted. He exercises tremendous mercy and grace with his walking exclamation mark of a wife.

His sense of direction is uncanny while I become hopelessly lost in department stores needing a breadcrumb trail and my iPhone so that Siri  can lead me out.

Today, Randy, in his true precious “Randy” fashion, spent his day being my driver, roadie, and guide as I led a workshop in Atlanta.  He didn’t  leave my side until my technical issues were resolved, my meeting room was set, and my confidence was bolstered. Then he slipped out to our car, where he prayed for  and waited for me to finish.

For the greater part of our married life, this is what he has done for me.

This is how he loves me…he supports me…physically, emotionally, and prayerfully. This quiet man whose heart is so tender toward his family works and waits for those he loves. I don’t know if there is a greater testimony of love than this.

He stands in the shadow and prays and applauds and supports to allow us to do the very public things that Justin, Josh and I do. He always has.

Two years ago, Randy and our youngest son Josh were discussing hobbies. Josh expressed concern that his dad did not have any real hobbies. Randy offered Josh a tender smile and said, “You and your brother were my hobbies. I invested my time and love in you.” This conversation still moves me to tears.

I love this man so…

Today, I am thankful God placed this precious one in my life to love me, care for me, and  remind me of what a selfless love really looks like.

Lord, bless my husband. Give wisdom and may others see You in him.

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