November 2nd…Weekends

Today I am thankful for weekends…

for lovely lazy Saturday mornings to renew and rest and Sundays to worship. I am thankful that my God knows my every weakness.  He knows that I become tired and overwhelmed by life’s demands. It doesn’t bother Him in the least that I often remain in my pajamas until  after lunch on Saturdays.

When His children work hard…physically, mentally and emotionally, during the week, I believe He calls us to a time of  rest.  In Him.

Saturdays are also my catch-up days…

housework, grading papers, sleeping….

I spend extra time my husband, FaceTime with my babies in South Korea, try to connect with Josh…see my Mom.  Sometimes I actually cook on the weekends too. (Whatever….)

FaceTime with Hadasah and Justin...

FaceTime with Hadasah and Justin…

Weekends are the  perfect opportunities for my extended Bible study. I can spend longer periods of time digging, reading,  and journalling. I am renewed through my time with Him in these moments of unrushed simplicity…quiet…and soul-satisfying  peace.

“But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.” Isaiah 40:31

Needing fresh strength that only time with my Father brings!

How are you renewed on weekends?


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